The Importance of DBS (CRB), PVG and Reference Checks

Whatever type of carer an employer is looking for, DBS (CRB) checks can be very helpful when making a hiring decision. Learn more on how they can help.

The background on DBS (CRB) / PVG checks

Disclosure and Barring checks (formerly CRB checks) are searches through criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer. While they aren't always 100% accurate or complete, they can be very helpful when making a hiring decision, because they can uncover potential warning signs about candidates. Whatever type of carer an employer is looking for, a DBS (CRB) check can help reveal things like criminal conduct. In Scotland these are called PVG checks.

The importance of DBS (CRB) / PVG checks

Reviewing DBS (CRB) checks is a key step in finding quality care because it can reveal information that wouldn't come up during in-depth interviews or reference checking. On, as a carer you will have indicated on your profile whether or not you've completed a DBS (CRB) check, but carers' DBS (CRB) checks have not been verified by
Families will use whether or not they've completed a DBS (CRB) check as a preliminary screening tool to narrow their list of candidates, but all potential employers should ask carers to bring their DBS (CRB) checks to their interviews so that they can be reviewed. Carers with nursery experience, Ofsted registered carers such as a childminder should have recent DBS (CRB) checks. Carers studying childcare or early years education who have worked in nurseries to complete their qualifications should also have recent DBS (CRB) checks. Other types of carers who have worked with children or vulnerable adults should have recent DBS (CRB) checks as well. This is also true of PVG checks in Scotland.

Stand out by showing off your documents and certificates

You can upload images of your DBS (CRB) / PVG Check, First Aid Certificate, Childminder Certificate, CV, Driver's Licence, and Passport. Families are looking for trustworthy carers; prove your trustworthiness by uploading your credentials today.

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