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So how much does your toddler really understand when you say ‘no-no.’  

Can you discipline a toddler?  Well, in a way.  Let’s go over a few tips that may make things easier. 

 Connect Before You Correct

Go to her when you're calm and make a physical connection by putting your arm around her. This cuts through everyone's rage and shows you're a nurturing mommy. Empathize by saying, "Wow, you were really mad, huh?!" See whether your child can tell you why she misbehaved. If not, tell her it's OK. Comfort her. Rise above your own anger.

Tell her it's never OK to do what she did, but tell her you love her no matter what. Then ask her: what she could do next time or give her alternative actions. Act out more suitable ways to behave.

Practice Makes Perfect

Explain to your toddler that everyone needs to practice things to get them right. Hold practice sessions for anything, such as a trip to the grocery story, a meal in a restaurant or calming down after a tantrum. Give your full attention without any other children around and rehearse situations. Make practice sessions a fun experience.  Tell her how well she did and let her know you’re proud of her and that she did a good job.

Avoid Yelling and Spanking

Yelling and spanking do not increase positive behavior or decrease negative behavior.  When parents get excited and lecture or yell, this does not have a positive effect. It only makes things worse.  Spanking causes pain and only interrupts a bad behavior at that moment.  

Do you discipline your young toddler?

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