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Winter Crafts to Keep Everyone Busy

Staying inside all winter can make you stir crazy. Add a few kids in the mix and you may be climbing the walls. That’s why there are winter crafts. Crafts not only make the time indoors go by, but also get kids’ imaginations working. Another great thing about crafts is that you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make them work. Easy crafts are just one glue stick away. Check out these three ideas:

1.    Homemade Valentines. It’s so convenient that Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of winter. Whether you have a snow day or the kids are saying they’re bored for the hundredth time, make homemade valentines. Take a quick trip to the dollar store or craft store to stock up on construction paper, stamps, stickers, markers and anything else you want. Let the kids go crazy making all different types of valentines! This makes a fun and useful winter craft.

2.    Make Your Own Snow Globe. Why not capture the scene outside with a homemade snow globe? For this project you’ll need a small glass jar, some type of figurine or small toy, water, glitter and glue. First glue your figurine to the jar lid. Then, add water and glitter. Put the lid on tightly. Shake it up. Presto! Your very own snow globe.

3.    Mug Warmers. This makes a cute craft and great gift idea. Buy some felt, fabric paint, and anything else you want to use to decorate. Grab a mug and measure and cut the felt around it. Once you have the right size, it’s time to decorate. When the kids are done, help them glue it around the mug with a glue gun. This gets hot quickly, so don’t let them do this alone.

Which winter craft will you try? I think I’m going to make the snow globe. Do you have another winter craft you like to do with your kids? Happy crafting!


Hi Katie, glad you like the story. Feel free to link it to your guide. Thanks! -Kristina

Hey Kristina,

This is great! Do you mind if I link to this story in a new guide we're making to help parents and child care providers survive snow days?



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