Where to Find Affordable Parenting Classes

I'm a perfect parent, haha. Actually, if you ask my kids, I mess up. A lot. That's why I and almost every other parent I know needs parenting classes. They teach us about normal behaviors, train us to address negative behaviors and give us opportunities to brainstorm solutions. While these classes are helpful, I know they can be expensive, so I compiled a list of where you can find affordable parenting classes that are free, pay-per-class or subsidized with scholarship funds.

Community Health Center

Check the bulletin board at your community health center. They may offer classes on everything from first aid to discipline. 


Call your child's school guidance counselor or check your child's school backpack for parenting class flyers. Schools want to help parents succeed, and they often offer helpful classes and seminars.  

Counseling Centers

As a service to clients, counseling centers often hold parenting classes. Call and see if these classes are open to the public.

Adult Education Center

In addition to educational classes and GED training, adult education centers may offer classes that improve your parenting skills.

Community Center

While community centers provide recreation for adults and families, they also bring in teachers who may share general or specialized parent information.


In addition to books, libraries often offer classes for adult learners, including parents.

Religious Institution

As a service to members, churches may open their parenting classes to the public. Contact your church, synagogue or mosque to see which classes they offer.


Dozens of professional family therapists and parenting experts offer free or affordable classes online. Search particular topics that will help you navigate parenthood.

Parenting is tough work! When you need help, check out these sources of affordable parenting classes. Did I miss any resources?

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