How To Know If You Need A Marriage Boot Camp

It's unfortunate when a marriage fails. Just today, I heard that a good friend of mine is struggling, and she's thinking about a divorce. We talked about whether or not a marriage boot camp would help her.

What is a Marriage Boot Camp?

An intensive marriage retreat, marriage boot camps give couples a chance to address and work through tough issues. It can be held on a weekend or longer and is done in-person or online. The leaders use a combination of activities, including competitions, individual and group counseling sessions, and role playing.

How to Know if you Need a Boot Camp

1. You don't talk. If you're barely speaking to each other or are afraid to speak up about important issues, you need a reboot that addresses the reasons for the communication deterioration and teaches you how to talk to each other.

2. You argue often. When your communication has deteriorated to the point that you're arguing often, you need some professional help that gives you tools to address hurts and begin to heal.

3. You see your spouse as the enemy. Marriage is all about teamwork. If you reach the point that you and your spouse no longer face the world together, seek counseling.

4. You keep secrets. It's normal to have some privacy in your marriage, but secrets kill intimacy and your bond.

5. You are contemplating or have had an affair. This challenge can kill a marriage, and you need some serious help to overcome it.

6. You live separate lives. It's normal for couples to enjoy separate hobbies and interests, but when you no longer do anything together, ask for help. 

Marriage is hard work. However, your marriage may be salvageable thanks to a marriage boot camp. If you've tried one what was your experience? I'd like to share your story with my friend.

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