Profile Photo Do's and Don'ts

We all know the miracles of what a profile photo can do. 

The perfect photo draws families in and lets them know that you are serious about your career and you would be a great candidate to follow up with. 

On the other hand, a not so perfect photo may just send the opposite message.  Let’s go over a few photos that you may not want to use.

Don't Have Other People in the Picture

A lot of the photos people take are group shots with friends or family. But in a profile image, you have to be easily identifiable. Don't submit any photos where you could be confused with anyone else. Stick to solo pictures when possible.

Don't Use Pictures With Kids

It's common for nannies, babysitters and tutors to use profile pictures with children in them -- it's their jobs after all! But if the child in the picture isn't your own, you need the parent's consent (by adding the image to your profile, you're saying you have consent). And some parents may not want pictures of their kids online.

Don't Be Far Away

While that vacation shot of you on a beach is pretty, it's more about the landscape than you. Good profile pictures should be close up, with your face clear and recognizable.

Don't Crop

We want to see the whole you! The picture you use shouldn't be cropped so that any portion of your face or head is cut off.

Don’t Be in Disguise

No hiding allowed! Lots of caregivers try to submit photos with hair in their faces. Look for photos with no sunglasses, hats, hair or other things blocking your face.

Don't Use an Odd Angle

Pictures from unusual directions can seem like they're creative and will help you stand out. Unfortunately, they usually just make it hard to see you. Use a photo where you're facing the camera directly.

Don't Filter

Leave the filters for Instagram. Your profile photo can't be Photoshopped or have filters on it. That means no borders and black and white images.

So what kind of photo should you use?  Have a friend or relative take a photo that looks professional that you would put on a job application, not on a Facebook page.   Try to think like a family that is looking for care for their family when you are taking your profile photo. 

Do you have any other questions about profile photos?

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