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Trendy Baby Gifts For New Moms

I am excited to announce that I am going to be a great aunt! Or something like that. I’m not sure what you would call it when my sister’s oldest daughter, my niece is expecting her first baby. But II couldn’t be more excited. We are pretty close and my sister and I are throwing her a baby shower. 

I want to find the perfect baby gift. Something thoughtful, and trendy but useful as well. Which baby gifts for new moms do you think are thoughtful and useful but trendy and stylish as well?

I’ve thought about buying her a really nice high end diaper bag and then loading it up with things you would need for a baby. But the more I thought about it, it sounds like this could end up being really expensive. Then I thought I could just give her the diaper bag but she might want to pick one out on her own. The more I look at baby items the harder it has become to find a baby gifts for her. There are so many things out there and I don’t know what is useful and what isn’t. 

Then I came across these beautiful muslin baby blanks and I thought they would make great baby gifts. They are light weight and big but easy to pack without much bulk. What trendy baby gifts for new moms are popular at baby showers now?


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  • Hi Ellis, 

    Congratulations!  I love the idea of getting her a nice diaper bag.  I think that getting your niece a pretty  blanket as a gift would be beautiful keepsake as well.   You can also get the baby's name and date of birth embroidered on the blanket after the baby is born.  It would be a special added surprise that she wouldn't be expecting and a nice way to welcome the baby home.  

  • I went to a baby shower recently and bought a baby bottle from Amazon that's similar to a thermos and can be heated with hot water. A lot of baby clothes of varying degrees of cuteness were given, along with books (some had textures and fur inside for the baby to touch) and toys. The pricier items included a stroller, a swing, and a crib (although those are usually among the first things purchased). Diapers are usually welcome as they are used quickly, and there was a tub to wash the baby in, from Fischer Price.

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