3 Ways to Find a Job During the Holidays

We could all use a little cash during the holidays so let’s go over the best ways to find that perfect holiday job.  

Whether it’s a one-time babysitting gig or something a little more permanent, this is a great way to earn that extra cash to buy presents.  

  • Spring clean your Care.com profile and make sure that you mention that you are available during the holidays. Many families need extra help while the kids are on holidays from school.


  • Consider adding another service profile. Would you be willing to do some housekeeping? What about errands and odd jobs? You could help with parties. Could you tutor children when they’re on holiday? These updates to your profile could make you more hirable. Consider telling families which subjects in school you excel in so that you could help their children during the school holidays. Or if they have younger children, you can help wrap gifts while the children nap.


  • Think outside the box. How else can you help the family you are already working for? Families are so stressed this time of year. Often relatives are coming in from out of town and there is so much to be done from getting extra bedrooms ready to grocery shopping. Can you spare an extra day and spend the day helping to prepare the home? I’m sure your employer would really appreciate it. 

What are your tips to find a holiday side job? Tell us in the comment section.  

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