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So Frustrated

My daughter is being bullied at school and I don't think the teachers are doing enough about it.  

She certainly isn't the only one that is his target but no one stops it.  He jams her locker closed, pushes her, kicks her chair and makes fun of her with his friends.  I don't know what to do.  She has told her teachers and they say he has problems at home and is in counseling.  Am I being unkind to think that he shouldn't be given a pass to bully other students?  

He is disruptive in class, teases kids and steals school supplies.  The teachers do nothing.  I just went to a parent teacher conference and I brought it up again.  My daughter is the quiet type so I think this has made her a target and I am getting worried. She has become withdrawn and  I don't know how best to help her get through this.

I don't want to be seen as a problem so what do I do?  


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  • I would like to delete my account but can't figure it out. I no longer need a sitter I decided to go a different route Thank you Jaclyn

  • Hi Lisa, 

    Unfortunately no one wants to have to hear their child being bullied daily especially if the school isn't doing much about it. Considering all you have mentioned, it is evident that you have to speak to your child about standing up for herself and defending herself in general. She has to learn her voice in this type of situation and it is imperative that you stand by her in that. Clearly she (as a child) is experiencing no one "saving" her from this so she has to learn to be that for herself a bit. Speaking up, telling this boy she isn't afraid, knowing what to do if he does get physical with her. All of this is important. And your support is going to be needed to stand by her if it gets physical/drastic to the point you are at school everyday since you know you tried to handle it the best way and the institution made excuses instead of solutions. I pray it works out to where your daughter rebuilds confidence since this is a very serious topic in schools and in life which can alter the social and mental development of children.

  • Straight to the source, that's just me. I can not stand bulling.

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