Good dogs for kids

Are you thinking about getting a family dog but not sure which breed to go for?

Little girl with pet dog

In honour of upcoming National Dog Day, here is a list of some typically family-friendly dogs.

  • Beagles: Calm and small, beagles also are energetic and love to play, especially outside.
  • Boxers: Playful and fun boxers also exhibit great patience toward kids.
  • Bull Dogs: A patient breed, bull dogs are docile and sturdy.
  • Collies: Protective, this breed is also easy to train, well behaved and gentle. 
  • Dogue de Bordeaux: This breed loves humans. They are also patient with active and exuberant kids and even tolerate playing dress up.
  • Golden Retrievers: Smart, loyal, kind and confident, this patient breed makes them ideal for kids
An Irish setter
Irish setters are generally known as kid-friendly dogs

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  • Irish Setters: Energetic, smart and trainable Irish setters play well with children.
  • Labrador Retrievers: Highly trainable Labradors are also patient, loving, protective, playful and reliable. They love to exercise, too.
  • Newfoundlands: As one of the most intelligent dog breeds, Newfoundlands are easy to train. They generally love kids and are protective, gentle and patient.  
  • Poodles: This breed sheds very little and can be good for kids with allergies. They're also smart and gentle.  
  • Vizslas: While Vizslas need plenty of exercise, they learn new tricks quickly. They're also gentle, loyal and affectionate.
  • Weimaraners: This breed has earned the reputation as good family dogs. They love to play for hours.
  • Mutts: Combine the best of two or more breeds when you adopt a mutt. As with all dogs, ask about a mutt's energy level, temperament and size as you choose the right dog for your family.

Have you ever owned one of these kid-friendly breeds? What are your thoughts?

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