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21 amazing, clever and not-so-hard family Halloween costumes

Kim Bongiorno
Sept. 11, 2019
Image via janahouse/Instagram

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to start figuring out your family's costume situation. And you want to make these costumes EPIC ... like talk-of-the-neighborhood ideas. But how?

Don't fret: we're here to help! To get your gears in motion, we've scoured the Internet and put together a list of the most spooktacular (and hilarious) family costume ideas we've ever seen. Whether your clan's leaning toward costumes from popular movies and TV shows or toward costumes that unleash your familial creativity, this list is bound to have something that's right up your alley. So round up your kids, your baby, your partner and take a look!

Pop culture family costume ideas

1. "Labyrinth"

Use this holiday to let everyone know what your favorite flick was when you were growing up! The mini Jareth the Goblin King (a.k.a., David Bowie) is killing us. 

2. "The Goonies"

This tribute to an ol' classic will make anyone who sees you want to break out into the Truffle Shuffle and toss some extra Baby Ruths your way. How could they possibly resist?

3. "The Addams Family"

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky — and therefore an obvious trick-or-treating choice for your little crew! [snap, snap]

4. "Napoleon Dynamite"

If "ligers" are pretty much your favorite animal, and your kids are tater tot connoisseurs, then you guys are going to love this family costume for Napoleon and his friends.

5. "Lord of the Rings"

Let the quest for the ring — and full-sized candy bars — BEGIN.

6. "E.T."

One major perk of going as E.T.: it basically guarantees that you're going to score a pumpkin full of Reese's Pieces.

7. The Jackson Five

Family costume ideas 🎃👪 #halloweencostume #familycostume #jacksonfive #blackish #groupcostume #halloween

A photo posted by halloween_love_costumes (@halloween_love_costumes) on

Can your family carry a tune? Then it's time to bring back groovy look of the Jackson Five, or another famously musical family, and put on a performance.

8. "Beetlejuice"

Whatever you do, do NOT say his name three times.

9. "The Incredibles"

If you're trying to blow your block away with an incredible family costume, what could be better than showing up as "The Incredibles"?

10. "How to Train Your Dragon"

Take notes, HTTYD fans. This is how you dress to impress when you're wearing Viking garb.

11) "Despicable Me"

A smorgasbord of chattering minions running around the two people who know more than most that this chaos cannot be controlled? Sounds about right.

12. "Alice in Wonderland"

Family costume ideas 🎃👪 #halloweencostume #familycostume #aliceinwonderland #disney #halloween #aliceinwonderland

A photo posted by halloween_love_costumes (@halloween_love_costumes) on

Alice might be in Wonderland, but her family gives a little extra magic to make her costume truly whimsical.

13. "The Wizard of Oz"

Follow the yellow brick road ... to whichever house in town has the best candy. Maybe they have a brain, a heart and some courage for the trick-or-treat bag, too?

14. "Coco" 

This family's costume homage to the movie "Coco" is way too cute, especially wee Mama Coco herself out in front. 

Other creative family costume ideas

15. Bees, a beehive and a beekeeper

Now here's a clever take on the phrase "work with what you've got!" Turn that belly bump into a beehive and invite the kids to swarm around you as Dad tries to get them to behive. (Heh.)

16. A circus troupe

Parenthood is like living in a three-ring circus, so you might as well run with the theme. Break out the ringmaster, tightrope walker, strong man, lion tamer and "ferocious" lion, concessions lady and any other talented kin for the best Halloween show on earth!

17. The classic ghost outfit

Waiting for Halloween like 👻 #ghostfamily #halloween

A photo posted by Hope Schell (@hopeydopey1307) on

If all else fails, four old sheets + four pairs of sunglasses = a pretty awesome last-minute solution for procrastinating families. It's so perfect it's scary. BOO.

18. A family of crows

This year's holiday card? #family #juniperisfive #familycostume #familyofspookycrows #spooky

A photo posted by stephiblu (@stephiblu) on

Even though a group of crows is actually called a "murder," everyone will be too distracted by your adorable baby crow to care.

19. Favorite storybook characters

Pick the kids' favorite author — like Eric Carle — and bring his pages to life. This costume idea isn't just creative — it's beautiful, too!

20. Golden trophies

This trophy-fied family costume is a real winner! This idea is great because it lets each one of you personalize your costumes with your favorite activities.

21. Sheriff and bank robbers

Halloween costumes, phase 2 - - - cause you know, family costumes. 🎃👻🎃

A photo posted by Mandy ---> {Sugar Bee Crafts} (@sugarbeecrafts) on

For an easy, low-maintenance costume — that's also high on the comfort scale —dress your family as a bunch of bank robbers with one member whose job is to catch 'em all.

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