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I Let My Daughters Hire Their Babysitter -- and It Worked

Audra Rogers
March 28, 2017

With summer on its way -- and her regular babysitter gone -- one mom was desperate to find replacement child care. Here's how her daughters helped her out.

via unsplash.com/@lukebrugger

"Will you let us cook?" 

"Will you jump on the trampoline with us?"

These are some of the questions Maleia C.'s two daughters asked a potential babysitter during an interview one day. Maleia had just lost her regular babysitter, and summer was looming just around the corner.

"The sitter I had used for the past two summers had graduated. My mom lived close by, but it's too much for her to keep them full time. At the time, we lived in the country and I needed full-time summer care by someone who could drive themselves. I had exhausted every option I could think of, talked to anyone who had high school/college-aged kids, etc."

Nothing makes a mama's heart pound quite as hard as knowing that her child care plan is in flux. And although Maleia  had no idea what she was going to do for a backup plan, she knew she was running out of time to figure it out.

But, of course, every lead was booked. As time was of the essence, she went to the only resource she knew: mom friends on Facebook. They suggested Care.com.

Wanting to ensure the best possible match for her daughters, Maleia made sure that they played a big role in the hiring process. Together, they crafted the job post, sifted through the many responses they received, and got to work.

"I had the girls do the interviews with me. It was actually a good learning process for all of us. We talked about questions ahead of time, I had them each ask questions about things important to them....(And) I learned a lot about the potential sitter by how well she incorporated communication with them as part of the interview."

After interviewing six candidates together, they were unanimous on a choice.

"She was awesome — when they asked their questions, she was the only one who turned her whole focus to them instead of me, and that helped convince me she was the right one. She took their thoughts and questions seriously, answered honestly, and even suggested some other things she'd like to do like take them swimming and make their own 'art gallery.' We all knew she was the one!"

Now, the big question is this: Did it work out?

"They were happy with her all summer. She did all kinds of fun projects with them, took them places, etc. It was a positive experience, and I would recommend it and I would definitely use it [Care.com] again, if needed."

One of the biggest things that put Maleia's mind at ease about finding care online: Being able to say 'No thanks' to candidates without them having access to an email, phone number or address.

"I only had to share personal info with those whom I chose to interview in person since all the communication went through their website's messaging."

And, to the girls' delight, the new babysitter did indeed jump on the trampoline with them and let them cook.

Audra Rogers proudly featured a mechanical bull at her wedding reception, and never met a grilled cheese she didn't burn. She enjoys the simple life out in the country with her husband and two young boys. She is a freelance writer specializing in Parenting, Relationships and the Entrepreneurial world. Check out her blog RealHonestMom.com, or view more of her work here.

User in Newtown, PA
Oct. 12, 2016

Hello.  This worked out great for you, I am sure.  Perhaps there are some candidates who feel this might give a young child a role that the nanny candidate feels is a bit questionable in some, not all cases.  In similar situations I have, of course, gone along with being subject to the children's questions.  Deep down inside, honestly, I personally have felt it a bit out of place to give a minor child that level of involvement.  Some parents feel it is really important to involve the little ones, however, I have found in some cases, the children have an air of superiority as if they have as much authority as their parent(s.) It was in the facial expressions of certain children, not all; it was a bit distasteful to me.  I respect the parents right to manage all interviews however they choose.  

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