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How to Fake a Fever and Get Out of School

My 14 year old daughter is quite ingenious. She actually researched how to fake a fever this week and tried to trick me into letting her skip school. Thankfully, I knew what to look for. Have your kids ever done this? Here's how they might try to fake a fever.

Heat their forehead. Most parents will touch a child's forehead to see if it's hot. Pressing a hot water bottle or laptop onto their forehead or pressing their head into a pillow and breathing heavily makes the forehead warm to the touch and might fool parents into thinking the child is actually sick.

Act sick. Sneezing, coughing and lethargy give the illusion of illness and accompany a good fever faking prank.

Heat the thermometer. To make the thermometer temperature rise a few degrees, kids can hold it tightly in their hand or under their armpit. They can also run it under hot water or drink hot water and then put it in their mouth. If they overdo it, though, the temperature will be unusually high and the gig is up.

Our kids will try lots of tricks to get out of school. I don't like that my daughter lied to me, but I'm glad I spotted her suspicious activities. I also used the opportunity to discuss why she wanted to skip school. It turns out she hadn't studied for a test and didn’t want to fail.

Have your kids ever tried this? How did you react?


What i do when my daughter or son gets sick is i take their laptop, and the TV remote with me to work

I will admit i've done it before when i was younger, i really just didn't want to school. It was either there was drama or just a lot of school work that needed to be done that day. Trust me i've done it all but i get the whole not studying for a test, mostly reasons why i did.

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