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How to Make an Infant Pig in a Blanket Costume

Sara Eberle
Sept. 28, 2012

As part of the Care.com Halloween costume series, here is how to turn your infant into your favorite finger food.

Wrap up your little oinker tightly this Halloween to stay warm in the cool fall air. This pig in a blanket costume will make you want to gobble her right up.


  • Pink felt
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pink baby headband
  • Glue
  • Pink onesie
  • Gray fabric marker
  • Pink pants
  • Tan or brown blanket

Step 1: Cut out two pig ears from cardboard and pink felt. Glue felt to cardboard to make ears that stand up. Glue to headband to make pig's ears. Let dry.

Step 2: Lay out onesie. With gray marker, write the word OINK across chest. Let dry.

Step 3: Put on outfit - onesie, pants and headband with pink pig's ears.

Step 4: Wrap baby in tan or brown blanket.

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