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How to Make a Lego Costume

Sara Eberle
Sept. 28, 2012

As part of the Care.com Halloween costume series, here's how to dress your child up as their favorite building block.

You and Legos are old friends. You frequently meet up when you're stepping on one...in the dark...barefoot. This Halloween, turn your child into a Lego with these simple instructions.


  • Rectangular cardboard box that your child's torso can fit in.
  • Plate for marking holes
  • Painter's tape or duct tape in solid primary color (red or blue)
  • Plastic cups in same solid primary color
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Shirt and pants or leggings in the same solid primary color as tape and cups

Step 1: Cut flaps off the bottom of a large rectangular box. Keep top flaps intact.

Step 2: Using a plate as a template, trace circles and cut out places for head (on top flaps) and arms (sides).

Step 3: Using tape, cover the box, so it's all one color. Tape or glue six plastic cups of the same color in two aligned rows on the front of the box.

Step 4: Dress in the same color as the finished Lego brick. Slip box over body.

For more costume ideas, check out these 48 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas in 4 Steps or Less.

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