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How to Make a Kate Middleton Costume

Sara Eberle
Sept. 28, 2012

As part of the Care.com Halloween costume series, here's how to turn your princess into a real modern-day one.

Did your daughter get up early with you to watch the royal wedding? Does she dress up her dolls in tiaras and play "castle"? This Kate Middleton Halloween costume is a great choice for princess-loving girls.


  • White blouse
  • Blue prep-school style blazer
  • Blue skinny jeans
  • Ballet flats or black boots, preferably suede
  • Headband or barrette
  • Fake pearls
  • Small piece of veil
  • Long and short feathers and satin ribbon for fascinator hat
  • Glue
  • Light colored makeup in soft pink and blue shades.

Step 1: Make fascinator hat. Glue small piece of veil onto 10 o'clock position of headband or onto barrette. Let dry. Glue feathers. Let dry. Tie satin ribbon into multi-looped bows and tie to headband or barrette. The more dramatic the better!

Step 2: Put on outfit: white blouse, prep-school style blazer, skinny jeans pearls and ballet flats or boots. Don't tuck in the blouse.

Step 3: Apply makeup that's subtle, but effective: soft pink cheeks, soft pink lipstick and soft blue eyes.

Step 4: Brush hair long and flowing or tucked into a neat, but loose, low bun. Add fascinator, so feathers and bows are slightly askew on left side of head.

For more costume ideas, check out these 48 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas in 4 Steps or Less.

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