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Did You Love "Tangled"? Here's How to Make a "Rapunzel" Costume

Sara Eberle
Sept. 28, 2012

As part of the Care.com Halloween costume series, learn how to turn your little princess into Rapunzel.

Have your little princess really let her hair down this Halloween with a Disney's Tangled-inspired "Rapunzel" costume.


  • Light purple party dress
  • Store bought long blonde wig
  • Stuffed plush chameleon (can use frog if easier to find)
  • Purple sandals or sneakers
  • White tights
  • Safety pins.

Step 1: Attach Chameleon/frog to the right shoulder of the dress using safety pins.

Step 2: Braid the wig and tuck flowers into the braid for a more whimsical look. Tie child's hair into a low bun so that her hair is out of the way and the wig is able to rest easily on her head.

Step 3: Dress child in tights, dress, wig and shoes. Now she is ready to really let her hair down!

For more costume ideas, check out these 48 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas in 4 Steps or Less.

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