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How to Make Reuseable Stickers

Melissa Roja Lawlor
May 22, 2012

Learn to make your own stickers as part of the Care.com Interview Series

It's hard to resist those foam stickers from the art store shelves, but they hardly ever live up to expectations. The backings don't ever peel the way you want them to, they're difficult for little ones to handle, and they cost way more than they should. Check out this tutorial by Crafting a Green World contributor Julie Finn for the perfect alternative. Leave those foam stickers on the shelf and customize your own out of family photos, magazines, or even art your kids made drawn on paper from the recycle bin. While you're at it, make yourself some stickers for your scrapbook -- that's one more craft supply that you won't have to buy new!


  • Repositionable glue (Julie recommends Aleene's Tack It Over and Over Again)
  • Cutout sticker images (photos, kids' art you've selected, wallpaper samples, whatever you want to make a sticker out of!)

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Ages: 3 and up

Make your own stickers!


Instructions: Turn your images upside down and spread just a little glue on the back of each of them, then-and here's the trick!-let that glue dry completely, generally for about a day. After the glue on the backs of the stickers has dried completely, they're ready to use!


Img insert Reusable Stickers 2

Although you can stick them down and then peel them up and re-stick them, the glue on these stickers does have enough adhesiveness to work well by itself for most art or scrapbooking purposes. If you want to use them on a project where they need to really be stuck on, dab a bit of stronger glue on the back of each sticker once it's been placed.

Img insert Reusable Stickers

Julie Finn is the lucky momma of two little blonde daddy-clones who spend their days doing elaborate art projects, trashing the house, eating cheese cubes and oranges, and waiting for daddy to get home from his day job so they can pester him. For the full tutorial, click here. Find Julie's projects, as well as many others, at Crafting A Green World. You can also find Crafting a Green World on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Photos used with permission from Crafting a Green World.

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