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What I Realized On My Last Date

Melissa Roja Lawlor
Jan. 25, 2012

Blogger Mary Lauren Weimer shares her best date night as part of the Care.com Interview Series

For many moms trying to juggle it all, date nights have become something of a luxury. Mary Lauren Weimer, author of the blog My 3 Little Birds, has had, on occasion, a "perfect married couple date night... dinner (sushi for me, Chinese for him), movie, and a grocery store run (because you have to fit your errands in somewhere!)" With Valentine's Day approaching, Weimer opens up to Care.com about dating your husband post-kids and explains how taking time to linger over dinner turned into a date night she would never forget.

Do you and your husband take Valentine's Day seriously? How do you celebrate?
We love Valentine's Day! These days we typically celebrate at home with a nice meal and maybe a movie.

Describe a date that you had with your husband before you had kids.
Before we had kids we had many different types of dates, but we were more likely then to go on dates with more than one activity (such as dinner and a movie).

What kind of dates do you go on now that you have kids?
We really have to decide what our priorities are now that time is so scarce. Now that we have kids we're more likely to go on dates with just one activity, such as a movie. We also go on "family dates" that involve our kids, like bowling, to a basketball game, or a picnic.

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When you finally get a great date planned, how do you find a babysitter?
I'm very lucky to have family nearby, but we've also used babysitters on occasion. We live in a college town and in the past we have contacted the university career center or the administrator of a program my husband was involved with in college to see if they know of any students interested in babysitting.

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Describe the best date night you've ever had with or without your husband.
My 30th birthday was a date night I'll always remember. My second child was just a newborn then, and we hadn't had many opportunities for time together. Our son had colic and, unfortunately for us, it wasn't the classic kind when crying was limited to the evening. It was a very difficult period in my life, and turning the "big three zero" wasn't helping matters!

My husband arranged for my mother to watch our children for the evening and we had a wonderful meal. As we lingered at our table after dinner, I realized that the older man sitting at the table next to us was none other than the doctor who'd delivered me thirty years to the day before (being from a small town, I knew my mother's OB!).

I was able to reflect on my life in that moment and realize that the colic and the stressful newborn stage was just a tiny fragment of my son's life, and that there was so much to look forward to.

That date really helped me process my emotions during a difficult time and made me understand that my husband is a true partner in my life.

Mary Lauren Weimer's life is made up of what she calls MOMents. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, focuses on motherhood, and is a veritable collection of documented MOMents with her three young children. Weimer is a former social worker turned freelance writer, and is mother to three children. You can find Mary Lauren on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo used with permission from Mary Lauren Weimer.

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