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Is There Such Thing as a Perfect Date?

Blogger Meredith Soleau outlines her best date ever as part of the Care.com Interview Series

The best date ever? Does it even exist?

My husband is good at many things. He can unclog my hair from any drain. He can hang Christmas lights with the best of them. And I am convinced our children will one day become PBA bowlers with his help.

But the man falls short when it comes to planning any sort of date night. Do you know what we did last year on Valentine's Day? We spent it with my ex-boyfriend. Because my ex's birthday falls on Valentine's Day.


I know, ladies. I know. My husband is friends with my ex-boyfriend. This is the price you pay when you come from a very small town and the pickings are slim. However, it should never be the price you pay on Valentine's Day. Ever. I HAVE SACRIFICED ENOUGH DAYS OF LOVE FOR THIS PARTICULAR EX!

So this year, I have made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that I am to be wined and dined. This year had better be different. This year I want fancy clothes, polished shoes, and plucked nose hairs. I expect doors to be opened. I expect flirting, romantic gazing into each other's eyes, and a thumb rub while we hold hands.

As with all expectations in my life (and because I love lists), I have created a list for my husband of acceptable date ideas. He can choose any of the options below.

  • A weekend in Chicago at a fancy hotel with room service and a hotel bar
  • A weekend in Chicago at a fancy hotel with room service and a hotel bar
  • A weekend in Chicago at a fancy hotel with room service and a hotel bar

I think we will be spending this Valentine's Day in Chicago. It's going to be perfect (and five hours away from my ex-boyfriend). We won't need a lot. We just need a bar for him to spot me and hit on me. He needs to ask me up to his fancy room after a sufficient amount of flirting. One thing will lead to another, and then... well, you know.

He needs to make a big effort this year. Don't you agree?

Meredith Soleau is a blogger and mom to Lars, Logan, and Lilah. She writes her blog, Life's Crazy Joke, to "over-share with the world" the funny happenings of life, work, and family. You can also find Meredith on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo used with permission from Meredith Soleau.

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