New Year's Resolutions for Me: If My Kids Could Talk

Mom blogger Stephanie Bernaba predicts what her kids would wish for as part of the Interview Series

Stephanie Bernaba is a proud and exhausted mother of a rambunctious toddler and 9-month-old twins. If that wasn't enough, she also plays the part of loving wife and loyal owner to her three cats. Bernaba blogs over at Momma Be Thy Name about life as a stay-at-home mom because, as she states, "misery loves company." 

If my children chose my New Year's Resolutions for me, I think I (regretfully) know exactly what they'd say:

  1. "Hey, Mom! Why don't you relax, put down that pile of month-old mail, and come tickle us until we can't breathe?" I'm a 'mom-on-the-go', and by on-the-go, I mean a mom who tears through the house to make everything 'perfect' before I allow myself to relax. I work quite hard keeping things clean (far more difficult than I ever imagined), neat (ditto), and organized (where did I put that grocery list again?), and find that when I'm so focused on keeping my arms wrapped tightly around my home, lest it explode, I can't wrap them around my children. Plus, let's face it: in a house with three babies under age two, there's no amount of cleaning or straightening that would make any noticeable difference.  I think we'd all benefit from spending more quality time together, and without me having my panties in a bunch.

  2. "Mom, if I dress up like an Angry Bird, will you play with me?" I think we've all become a bit too cozy with technology, and my kids would be the first to say (if they could) I need to unplug. When we do have a free moment (which is as frequent around here as a lunar eclipse), my husband can be found playing Angry Birds on our iPad, and I can easily be discovered crouched over my cell phone or with my head buried in my laptop. My son, who is almost two, perceives when I've entered The Zombie Zone, and responds accordingly, with creative activities like undressing his baby twin sister and brother, coloring the fireplace mantel, or pouring his juice all over the living room rug.  Needless to say, once I hear the scream of babies or the splashing of juice, I am instantly -- and unpleasantly -- jolted back to reality. I think I need to step away from the glowing white screens more often, and enjoy life's moments as they occur, even though some of these moments may include scrubbing crayon off the fireplace.

  3. "Mom, you need to go night-night." Sleep is elusive around these parts. I haven't slept through the night since sometime in 2010. And it doesn't help when I drag my bedtime out for two hours to catch up on DVR'ed shows, examine my cuticles, or search for new sheets online. If I didn't partake in these activities, I'd be, well, fresher, and less cranky in the morning. And the world would thank me for it. Literally. I'm not exactly known for being a morning person, and this fact becomes much more apparent when I've cheated myself out of much-necessary slumber.

So, there you have it. Resolutions that will help our home be a happier, closer, slightly dirtier, and more loving place. The only trick will be getting past the first few weeks of January... 

You can find more from Stephanie on her blog, Momma Be Thy Name. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Image used with permission from Stephanie Bernaba.

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