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New Year's Resolutions in a Post-Baby World

Melissa Roja Lawlor
Dec. 14, 2011

Mommy Shorts blogger shares her New Year's Experience as part of the Care.com Interview Series

The New Year takes on a whole new meaning when you add a baby into the mix. Just ask Ilana Wiles. Gone are the days when her favorite holiday, New Year's Eve, was filled with rooftop cocktail hours and crazy dance parties. For Wiles, being a mother means trading in those memorable nights for some of the "sweet" and "family-friendly" kind.

The one thing that does stay the same? Resolutions. Thanks to those aspirational goals, Wiles has found ways to improve her life in almost every situation -- except for getting two-year-old Mazzy to sit still! We asked Wiles, who documents her adventures with her husband and daughter in New York City on the popular blog Mommy Shorts, about old and new resolutions, and what Mazzy might have to say about Ilana's newest resolution idea. Read the full Q & A below.

A lot of people are pretty passionate about New Year's resolutions -- some hate them and some wait in anticipation to make a change. Do you believe in them?

I make New Year's Resolutions every year. I don't think I have ever stuck to one except exercising. That was a resolution I made about 12 years ago and still keep up with to this day.

I am always trying to improve. My relationships with friends and family, my health, my career -- there is room for improvement everywhere, from taking more time away from my computer to giving more to charity to learning to use my DSLR camera.

What is the most ridiculous New Year's resolution you've ever made?

I wouldn't call it ridiculous, but last year my husband I vowed to go out more. I could have counted on one hand the amount of times we had gone out at night, just the two of us, since we had our daughter. It took a little bit to get motivated -- we were so comfortable spending evenings on our couch watching TV -- but now we go out regularly. We just had four Saturday nights out in row! Major life improvement right there!

What is the resolution you're sick of hearing others make?

I really hate people talking about their diets. I used to be a serial dieter and went up and down in weight constantly. The only way I got it under control was to stop obsessing over it.

As a mother, what are some resolutions you think all parents could benefit from?

As a mother and blogger, I would say to put the laptop and the smart phone away and focus on your kids. Of course, I am the worst offender of this.

If we were to ask your child what resolution she would make for you, what would it be and why?

My daughter would say to stop trying to make her eat dinner. Every night we struggle over getting her to eat. She's just not interested. And since she finds food boring, it is nearly impossible to get her to sit at the table! We have pretty much given up and just spoon-feed her while she is playing. So she would say that I should resolve to relax and let her do what she wants. But I think there might be more that we can do to reestablish dinner at the table. Like giving her more options, making food in playful shapes or giving her more of a role in cooking.

For 2012--finish this sentence: This is the year I...

...will de-clutter my apartment. I understand the mess in the living room -- it has become Mazzy's playroom. But there is no excuse for the mess in my bedroom.

Ilana Wiles is an advertising creative director turned writer who, in her own words, "writes a blog instead of sleeping." She chronicles life with two-year-old daughter Mazzy and husband Mike in downtown Manhattan through her blog, Mommy Shorts. You can find Ilana on Twitter and Facebook.

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Image used with permission from Ilana Wiles and Jenny Sherouse Photography.
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