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7 Resolutions from Seven Clown Circus

Mom blogger Angie Lee reveals the resolutions her kids would make for her as part of the Care.com Interview Series

Angie Lee's life is best described as a circus -- with five young children (including twins!), the mom blogger often feels like a juggler sprinting through each act every day.  Read about her life and other tales under the big top in her blog Seven Clown Circus.

Don't you wish that you could make New Year's Resolutions for other people?  Or make New Year's Resolutions based on what you think others would make for you?  I have a feeling my children would have no problem coming up with a lengthy list of things they'd like to see me change or improve upon, and I'm pretty sure the list would look something like this:

  1. Start making multiple dinners. It's not just about variety and hitting all the food groups, it's about giving us choices. If we don't want to have broccoli as a side dish, maybe offering us cereal would be a nice substitution?

  2. Start conserving more water. It's good for the environment, it's good for your wallet, and it's good for us. We'll be the first to help in this effort. Showers only once a week, anyone?

  3. Start staying up later! Stop being such an early bird and instead of waking up early, stay up late. We'll even keep you company.

  4. Take up watching TV. It's seriously so entertaining, mom! We can easily watch 2-3 hours a day and not even know where the time went. For real!

  5. Stop yelling at us. Accept the fact that we make mistakes and whenever you feel like raising your voice to get our attention or to just vent, just don't. It's so simple. You don't see us going around yelling all the time, do you? Wait. Don't answer that.

  6. Add 5 play dates a week to your calendar. For us. When you don't let us have play dates whenever we want, you are stifling our social natures. You wouldn't want to do that, would you?

  7. Vacation more with dad. And bring us with you.

Thank goodness we are only accountable for the New Years Resolutions we make for ourselves, right?  And even then, we can cut ourselves some slack...at least, that's what I've heard. 

To read more from Angie Lee, visit her blog Seven Clown Circus. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Image used with permission from Angie Lee.

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