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The Cost of Child Care - 2015 Report

From nanny to au pair to day care. Learn about your different care options, what they mean for your wallet and how you can save money.

Child care is expensive. Year over year, its the largest annual household expense, averaging $18,000 for families in the United States. And its an ongoing topic of discussion for parents everywhere.

The 2015 Report states that the weekly average cost of a nanny for one child is $477, while only $488 for two children. The average weekly cost of a day care center  is $188 for one child and $341 for two. A family day care provider (also called in-home day care) is the least expensive option at $140 for one child and $267 for two. And an au pair is $360 a week for either one or two children. is committed to helping families manage all their all family care needs, whether its finding nannies or babysitters, day care connections, au pair matching, housekeepers, tutors, pet care or senior care help. But honestly, what we cant do is control the cost.

We can, however, share insights on how to budget, save and use Flexible Spending Accounts and tax breaks to help rein in your care costs, and even offer some suggestions about how your employers can help as well.

Below is the 2nd Annual Cost of Care infographic, breaking down the cost and effect of child care on families and companies. Learn more about the 2015 Cost of Care survey.

2014 Cost of Child Care Report.

Learn how to create a child care budget.

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