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How to Use This Year

2017 is going to bring a lot of exciting new things for users, so we want to make sure you know how to connect on all levels.

It's a new year, and whether you vowed to go on more date nights, get a new nanny, offload the housekeeping to someone else or give more love to your furry friends, wants to help you make the most of your experience.

Here's a list of 17 things you can use for in 2017 -- no need to follow them in order, just use these tips when you see fit!

1) Post a Job

Your main goal is to find the perfect caregiver for your family, so don't just post a job: make that post as thorough and detailed as possible, and identifies everything that you want and need in a caregiver. If you need some help or inspiration, check out our tips for writing a good job post.

2) Start Fresh! Find a Housekeeper

You've had a busy week, but now it's time to kick back and...clean the bathroom?? No way! You want to relax and play with your kids! This year, set aside some money to hire a cleaning person to help you clear the clutter and organize your home.

Want to know what the going rate is for a housekeeper in your area? Find out here.

3) Create Your Care Budget

How much does care cost? It's different everywhere, and we know how hard it is for families to prepare and budget for their ideal care situation. So, we created a handy care calculator to help you crunch the numbers! Find out how much care costs in your neighborhood, and plan your job post (and offer) around that.

Want to know what a sitter costs in your neighborhood? Try out our calculator!

Note: If you’re paying any caregiver $2,000 or more in the calendar year, you’ll need to withhold taxes from them. This will likely affect the wage you offer your new hire. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for paying some employer taxes, which will need to be accounted for in your budget.

Learn more about nanny taxes, and then talk to our HomePay team -- they'll crunch those numbers for you!

4) Pay Your Caregivers via

We now make it really easy for you to pay all of your caregivers right through our site or our app. Check out our new payment center!

5) Dont Forget Fido

Have a pet who could use a little extra TLC? Use your account to find a dog walker or pet sitter who you both love! And don't forget to find out what the going rates are for pet care in your area.

Need help interviewing a pet sitter? Take a look at our list of interviewing tips and tricks.

6) Get Serious About Safety

It's important to fully vet your top candidates, and the Safety Center will prep you things you need to know -- and do -- before and after hiring. There, you'll learn all about the right interview procedures and questions, how to run reference checks and what kind of information you'll get from each level of background checks.

You can also find more safety resources here.

7) Find Someone to Help With Odd Jobs

Got errands to run? Home improvement projects to finish...or even start? Save yourself some time by finding people on to help you with any odd jobs you've got. But don't dillydally -- post a job today!

8) Contribute to Your Caregiver's Health Plan

Did you know that you can help your caregiver gain access to professional health benefits? All you have to do is pay them through our platform! Learn more about the Benefits Program.

9) Keep a Clean Inbox

By now, responses to your job post should be rolling in...perhaps even flooding your inbox. It's important to stay organized, say "No thanks" to people you don't want to interview and schedule phone interviews for those you do. The best tip we have is to act fast (e.g., call, meet in person, check reviews, run checks, hire), as the best nannies and sitters get booked quickly. 

Find out more about the other 10 most common mistakes made on

Not getting good responses? Here are 6 things you can do to fix that.

10) Tap Into Our Village

Our community of parents and caregivers are here to give you the advice you're looking for. Join the conversation!

11) Start 2017 off on the Right Foot

Make a resolution to follow local nanny tax laws. Check out what your state's requirements are.

12) Use Anytime, Anywhere

The fastest way to find the care you need is to have your inbox at your fingertips. Download our app to search, message and even pay caregivers on the go.

Get the app for iPhone

Get the app for Android

13) Check in on Mom or Dad

Whether they need a ride to the doctor's office, or help with meal prep, senior care aides are there for you. Find a senior caregiver for your loved one.

14) Stand up for What's Right

The Fair Care Pledge is your commitment to treating caregivers like professionals by paying fair wages, setting clear expectations and paying time off. Take the Fair Care Pledge and show your support for caregivers.

15) Set Expectations With a Contract

Having a contract in place helps both your family and your caregiver. Use our nanny contract template to put all expectations, time off and family philosophies in writing. See a sample nanny contract.

16) Know More Before You Hire

If you're comparing candidates, request background checks to get all the information you need to know before you make your final decision.

17) Download the SPOT App

Keep the furriest member of the family well-cared for with our new app that's just for dogs. Visit the App store.

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