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The Official Care.com Promo Code for 2018

Here's the latest way to save when looking for a babysitter, nanny, housekeeper, dog walker or senior caregiver on Care.com.

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And keep scrolling to get our list of tips and tricks for getting the best results on Care.com.

Tips for Getting the Best Results on Care.com

Before you run off in search of the perfect care professional to help make your life easier, here are some tips to get started:

1) Create a Job Post

Searching through people’s profiles can suck you in like viral YouTube videos. Instead, create a job post that thoroughly explains what you need, a little about your family, and the type of person you’re looking for. Then, the caregivers will apply to you. It’s the fastest way to get through the most interested candidates.

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2) Download the Care.com App

This way you can read through profiles in line at the grocery store – and immediately call people who interest you.  

[GET THE APP: Care.com for iPhone, Care.com for Android]


3) Hold Interviews and Run Background Checks

We strongly advise that you hold face-to-face interviews, call references and run a background check on your top applicant.

[ALSO SEE: Care.com's Safety Center]


4) Talk About Taxes

If you’re paying over a certain amount, you will want to make your offer with taxes in mind. The Care.com HomePay team can help walk you through this for free, so you will all know the take-home pay vs. gross pay amounts. 


5) Create a Happy Work Environment

You’ve found a new member of your parenting team – and now your home is now a business. Start it out with a contract to make sure everyone knows paid time off and vacation plans. And make sure you have daily/weekly check-ins to make sure everything is working out for both of you.

Good luck! And please use our articles and resources section to get more tips on hiring the right care professional for your family.

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