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Top 8 Jobs to Have in College

Sarah Prial
June 27, 2018

Save 9 to 5 jobs for post grad. Here are easy ways to earn money in college ? with tax benefits and tuition reimbursement, too! 

It’s finally here – after years of studying and preparing, you’re in college. With so much to do and experience you might not have thought of how to earn money off-campus. Luckily, there are lots of jobs that allow you to prepare for your future while earning a paycheck. Here are some of the best college jobs to work around a busy schedule.

  1. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter
    Instead of crashing on the couch and eating chips for the three hours between Bio and English, you can pull in some spare cash taking care of a family’s precious pooch. Looking to get your fitness in, too? Find a dog that likes runs.

    Find a pet care job near you.
  2. Babysitter or Nanny
    You loved watching kids in high school, why stop there? Work part-time nannying or date night sitting into your schedule – and your days can literally be filled with fun and games. There can be tax advantages to sitting as well!

    See how much you can get paid in your zip code
    Find a caregiving job near you
  3. Tutor
    You may be learning every day of the week but you can be teaching, too. Majoring in Chem? Help local high school students prep for the AP tests. Got a knack for literature? Paper-writing assistance is right up your alley. You can even put those years of piano lessons to use.  See if you can work through your college career office, create an online tutor profile or try the old standby – hanging flyers at local businesses!
  4. Company College Rep
    Companies are always looking for college representatives to promote their products. With small time commitments (about ten hours a week) you’ll never have to worry about missing class for work. Plus, it’s a great way to meet people and develop some entrepreneurial marketing skills. Check out companies looking for college reps here.
  5. Freelance Contributor
    Got a keen eye and a swift pen? Lots of websites look for college contributors to write about things like college sports, fashion and really anything else you could think of! Check with your favorite websites – local and national – and see if they’re looking for contributors! Check out websites like Rookie magazine, PolicyMic and USA TODAY College. Even major publications like Cosmpolitan.com pay up to $100 per essay.
  6. Errands and Odd Jobs Runner
    Remember all those times your parents had you run to the store to pick up something they forgot? Put that skill to use! Companies like Instacart and Care.com allow students to run errands on demand. From grocery shopping, party planning, organizing, to waiting for the cable guy, chores have never been so profitable.

    Find errands and odd jobs near you
  7. Family Driver
    Combine babysitting with an errand runner and you have one of the hottest jobs on Care.com – driving kids to and from their activities. If you’re the safest driver you know and you love cheering/encouraging/snack-schlepping, this could be the perfect gig. There is also the option to be a senior-helper and play the role of a very helpful “grandchild” – but for income.

    > Apply to driving jobs near you
  8. Retail Clerk
    There’s a reason college students always seem to work retail jobs. With flexible hours and a regular paycheck, it can be easier to work around your school schedule. And as an added bonus, many companies offer part-time health insurance and 401k matching.  

What’s your favorite college job?  Tell us below!

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