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Want to win over new customers?


Did you know that customer reviews are the most effective social tactic for driving sales?*

Good news - it's easy to generate customer reviews on Care.com. We offer you valuable tools to maximize your online presence, including:

  • Review Cards: Print and hand out these cards to your customers so they can review your business on Care.com.
  • Web Badge: Encourage your customers to read your reviews on Care.com by adding a customizable badge to your website.
  • Email Template: Send an email to your loyal customers asking them to write a review of your business on Care.com.

You can also use Facebook and Twitter to let your customers know about your Care.com profile. Simply include a link to www.care.com/communityreviews and you're good to go.

Review Cards

Raise awareness of your business with review cards and win over new customers.

Here's how it works:

  1. Download and print out your cards
  2. Hand your customers a card and ask them to review you
  3. Your customers spread the word on Care.com

Web Badge

Use our web badge to leverage your current customers and build your online reputation.


Have a website or a Facebook page? Host our FREE web badge on your homepage and drive your current customers to Care.com. Simply copy and paste the code below to display the badge on your site. It will take fans of your business directly to a Care.com page where they can write a review and rave about your business!

Email Template

Like a more direct approach? Use this email template to encourage your customers to write a review of your business on Care.com.

Dear ,

We recently became part of the Care.com community. Their mission is to help families find the care resources they need by connecting them with trustworthy, high quality care-related service companies like ours.

We have found online reviews to be a wonderful way of introducing new customers to our services. And we can't think of a better person to review us than you, one of our most valued, loyal customers.

Your review can be short and sweet - it should only take a few minutes. You can review my business on Care.com at: www.care.com/communityreviews

Thank you for your continued support of my business.

Best Regards,

*(Entailing survey of 117 companies, September 2009)

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