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Smart Reasons To Find Care This Spring & Summer

Keith Leong
March 16, 2011

Spring's almost here! And that means warmer weather and more daylight. It also means it's time to find springtime care. If you really want to breathe easy, we suggest looking ahead and getting a jump on summer care, too.

Think about it. The kids will be out of school. You'll be going on vacation. Your home will be the setting for summer entertaining. To make the most of your family's spring and summer, take just a little time now to line up reliable care.

Whether you're looking for child care, pet care or good old housekeeping, check out the top 5 reasons to find care below.

Why Find Child Care Now?

Once the weather starts to warm up, demand goes up for quality nannies, babysitters and tutors. It really helps to be proactive and beat the summer rush! Plus, factor in these other benefits of finding child care now:

  1. Rates can rise during peak summer months?lock in a spring time rate now
  2. You'll breathe easier, not just because of the fresh spring air?think of this as spring cleaning for your to-do list
  3. With College CaregiversSM you can find a smart, nearby student to keep up your children's learning over summer vacation
  4. Get your nanny into full swing before the kids are on summer break (and you go on vacation)

To make it even easier to find child care any time of year, we offer free unlimited Standard background checks for all Premium Members.

Of course, if you really want to make the most of your time, it might make sense to find additional help, too. Other Care.com members are already looking for help with housekeeping and pet care.

More Great Reasons to Find Care:

Why Find Housekeeping Now?

Let's face it: enjoying the beach or some al fresco dining sure beats scrubbing toilets! Don't you deserve to enjoy Spring and Summer? Here are five more reasons to use Care.com to find a housekeeper today:

  1. Have your place look great for cookout and other summer guests
  2. Let someone else handle storing your winter wardrobe (and prepping your spring and summer clothes)
  3. Care-On-Call providers are ready to handle last-minute cleaning jobs
  4. Clutter makes you feel stressed, having a fresh and organized house helps you breathe easier

Go ahead, spend your extra hour of daylight on something fun instead of cleaning.

Why Find Pet Care Now?

There's a special place in our hearts for family members with tails. Finding pet care once the weather warms up can be difficult because dogs want to go outside and owners want to go on vacation. Want even more reasons why it's better to find reliable pet care now?

  1. A friendly, experienced sitter is a great alternative to kennels
  2. Give pets time to get used to a new walker or sitter
  3. College CaregiversSM makes it easy to find affordable, pet-loving students
  4. It's warming up?that means longer walks and dog parks!

Who doesn't want their four-legged friends to be in good hands? As a Premium Member, you'll get full access to caregiver profiles, including reviews and contact info.

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