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Angie Harmon: A Life in Balance

Melissa Chapman
Jan. 10, 2011

Although she was discovered in 1995 on a plane by David Hasselhoff, for her exotic looks and leggy model physique, Angie Harmon's revealed she's much more than just another pretty face.  For several seasons  she's  demonstrated  her acting prowess as   District Attorney Abbie Carmichael in the long-running NBC drama  Law and Order and can currently be seen  in the critically acclaimed TNT crime-drama series Rizzoli & Isles, playing Boston, Massachusetts, police detective Jane Rizzoli.

Care. Com caught up with Ms. Harmon, 38, and mom of three daughters, Finley, 7,  Avery, 5, and Emery, 2 to talk about motherhood, her hunky former quarterback husband  Jason Sehorn, and how she manages to balance it all.  Ms Harmon also spoke to us about partnering with Children's Advil and the Children's Miracle Network for the Relieve My Fever Contest.  

How do you mange the work-mom balance?

Angie Harmon: Work-mom balance is having a fantastic husband that helps so much!  He doesn't work when I do and vice versa. It keeps our relationships with the girls really fantastic & strong.

Best piece of advice you've gotten as parent?

Angie Harmon:  From Kyra Sedgwick: "Keep your heart and your feet in the same place."  When my feet are at work, keep my heart at work. When my feet are at home, keep my heart at home.  She has very good advice.

Any books/activities your daughter is reading/doing - that you think other girls might benefit from?

Angie Harmon: We read "The Chronicles of Narnia" right now. It's great for her imagination & she's realizing that she can disappear in a great book and live and experience a different existence there.  It is very important to read.

Temper tantrums in public - How do you handle?

Angie Harmon:  We don't have those.  If we did, they know we stop what we're doing and leave.

Marriage with three girls - Does your husband feel totally outnumbered?

Angie Harmon:  Yes, he does, that's why we have a very big boy dog!

Why did you get involved in the Relieve My Fever campaign?

Angie Harmon:  I recently decided to partner with Children's Advil for the Relieve My Fever Contest because I think that it's wonderful that they have teamed up with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, which is an organization that helps millions of children each year. This is a fun contest to do with your kids, if they are feeling bad, or even if they're not feeling bad. You can go on the website, RelieveMyFever.com, perform your video and spend some good quality time with your kids. Not only do you have a chance to win $15,000, but for every entry and vote at RelieveMyFever.com, Children's Advil will donate money to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

How do you handle when your kids are sick or have a fever?

Angie Harmon:  I give them Children's Advil because I know it lasts six to eight hours and that means longer sleep time and time that they feel better.  We also have movie day or night and no bedtime.

What do you do to make you kids feel better (sing, massages, read a book, make them their favorite food, etc.)?

Angie Harmon: We will do puzzles and color or watch movies.

Any advice for other moms of girls, especially when it comes helping our daughters with their confidence, body image and media onslaught?

Angie Harmon: My girls don't watch a lot of television. We've managed to keep them very young.  My first born is a sugar fiend so I try to tell her how bad sugar is for her energy level, skin, growth and overall health but she does not really believe me.  I think this is one that she has to learn by living with the results of too much sugar instead of believing me.

Are you already beginning to see your eldest daughter flex her independent muscles - and how does it make you feel?

Angie Harmon: Oh she definitely looks at me differently. It's very upsetting, but I know that I have to let her grow up and I do want her to be a strong, independent woman. 

Who would you say is your caregiver support system and how do they help you ultimately be a better mom?

Angie Harmon: It's all my girlfriends and my aunt. They allow me to vent and question and therefore feel.

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