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It's Elementary

The Care.com
April 12, 2007

Fun things to do with school-age kids

It's hard to compete with video games and television, but you can be just as entertaining as electronics.

  • Keep them active
  • Children in elementary school are active by nature. It's up to you to keep them active. Physical activity is important for their health and, as anyone who's dealt with a hyperactive 8-year-old knows, it's important for your sanity. Go for bike rides or beach walks. Race around the yard or down the driveway.

  • Reinforce their classroom learning
  • Ask parents what their child is studying in school, and you can combine fun activities with educational experiences to reinforce the classroom learning. A walk in the woods, for example, can become a lesson in biology, and baking a cake can be an exercise in counting and measurements.

  • Help them with their social skills
  • Elementary-school students must continue to work on their social skills, so schedule play dates or encourage them to play with a neighborhood friend.

The bottom line

Children develop their social and educational skills early. These skills must carry them through their academic careers. Encourage physical and learning activities, as well as social interaction.

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