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10 Hilarious Examples of Cat Logic

Erica Loop
Sept. 21, 2015

Has cat logic got you confused? Your fuzzy feline sure doesn't think like you do!

Fluffy feels completely justified taking a nap where? On the side of your face as you try to sleep? Curled up in your preschooler's open lunchbox? Teetering on the tippity-top of the shakiest bookcase in the house? Oh, cat logic! Your furry feline friend seems to have her own way of thinking. It's a little offbeat, slightly strange and altogether hilarious.

Check out the funny behaviors that that best exhibit that oddball (but totally adorable) cat logic:

  1. "Pet Me, but Don't Touch Me."
    Mr. Kitty cuddles up, nuzzling your sleeve with his head. He's giving you that, "Please shower me with love and affection" look. You reach your hand out to pet him, and -- he suddenly strikes! He's clearly in cat logic conflict, wanting you to pet him yet being oddly aggressive, too!
  2. Sleeping Strangely
    You need a cozy, comfy bed, complete quiet and total darkness to fall asleep. Your cat seems to crash anywhere she wants. From an empty box to your computer printer, your kitty sees everything as a cat bed.

  3. Crazy-Cool Cat Gym vs. A Plain Old Box
    You just bought the Rolls Royce of cat gyms. It's got levels, carpet for scratching...heck, you'd climb on it if you could. You spend the better part of the day putting it together, and feeling that special sense of pride, you present it to your furry friend. What does he do? Immediately jumps into the box that it came in!

  4. Toilet Paper Toys
    You don't even have a square to spare, but your kitty just doesn't care. She's in the bathroom, and before you know it, she's made her very own nest out of the spun paper. Why? That's just cat logic.
  5. It Looks Like Yarn...
    Cats and yarn -- it's no big secret that a big ol' ball of the stringy stuff is just too tempting for your feline friend. But what about all of those everyday items (such as lamp chains, the drawstring on your gym pants and fringe on the edge of your dining room curtains) that look oh-so-much like it? Your cat isn't likely to be able to differentiate between what you do and don't want him to play with when it comes to strands of strings. So don't be surprised when he suddenly lunges at your '80s-style cut-fringe top (can you really blame him for that one?).
  6. Indoor Tree Antics
    You've spent hours dressing up your Christmas tree, and it's perfect. Two minutes later, there's a crash, and you find Miss Misty looking rather suspicious. What gives? Your cat just climbed the Christmas tree! Why? She sees (and smells) a tree. In her kitty mind, she might as well be in the great outdoors.

  7. Sleeping on You
    Much like your cat likes to sleep on anything that isn't really a bed, he's sure to find your ear, neck or cheek the best place for a little rest. No, it's not pleasant to wake up with a mouth full of fur. But your feline pal is just trying to snuggle up while the two of you sleep. (Aw!) And it's not just people who can serve as cat nap mats. Your kitty may curl up on his brother kitten, or even your pooch.
  8. It Has to Be on the Floor -- Right Now
    Kitty just found the plastic cups, candle holders, toddler toys, toothbrushes, apples or anything else that you have set out. Apparently she feels that these items just don't belong on that specific surface. How can you tell? Well, she's knocking them off of the counter, table or shelf over and over and over again.
  9. Not-so-Subtle Sneaking
    You've got a mouthwatering sandwich on your plate. Before you dig in, you spy a thief. In his mind, he's on a sneak attack, but you see the less-than-smooth side of the food-stealing plan.
  10. Gone Fishing
    That lidless aquarium of yours is nothing but a pond to your pet. Cat logic tells her that she can go fishing -- without falling in. Maybe that will happen... But probably not.

As if cute cat logic wasn't adorable enough, read on to 101 Amusing Cat Facts for more funny business!

Erica Loop is the mom to one teenage boy, two Olde Boston Bulldogs and one very shy cat. She's also a freelance writer, educator and creator of the blog Mini Monets and Mommies.

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