Homemade Cat Food: 5 Recipes and Tips on What Human Food You Can Share

Have you ever wondered if it's safe to share your table scraps with your cat? Here's everything you need to know about incorporating human food into your pet's diet.

Do you ever think about the quality of store-bought cat food and the process of making it? You treat your cat as a full-fledged member of your family, so it's only natural for you to worry about his diet.

On occasion, you may even feel the urge to feed your pet some homemade cat food to be sure that he is consuming high-quality ingredients with good nutritional value. But with your busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to make these types of meals on a regular basis. Here's everything you need to know about cat care and what types of foods you can easily prepare at home to ensure that your furry friend grows up to be big and strong.

What Are the Benefits of Proper Nutrition in Cats?
Store-bought cat food is often filled with a variety of ingredients that serve no nutritional value for your cat. "Many commercial foods have corn, by-products and the worst of all, artificial colours," says Lynea Lattanzio, the founder of The Cat House on the Kings. "Corn is not a normal food for cats. It is used as a filler and is pretty much non-nutritive."

In order to prevent your cat from developing a variety of health problems, you need to make sure she has a properly balanced diet. "Just as with humans, nutrition is paramount," says Ben Sures, a registered veterinary technician at Montrose Pet Hospital in California. Instead of dry foods or grains, Lattanzio recommends that you focus on feeding your cat a high-protein diet, as this type of diet has many benefits for your pet.

For instance, protein can improve your cat's immunity, build her muscles and help her maintain a healthy weight.

Is It Safe For Your Cat to Eat Human-Quality Meats and Vegetables?
As Lattanzio points out, wild animals don't cook their food. Instead, "they eat their food raw and in this mix are the bones and intestines of herbivores that have vegetable matter," she says. But that doesn't mean your cat can't eat cooked food. Just like animals in the wild, it is safe for your cat to eat meats and vegetables, and it's fine if these are cooked for your non-wild kitty.

In fact, there are many benefits of incorporating these foods into your cat's diet. Cooked poultry is full of protein, while vegetables like green beans and steamed broccoli can be a great source of fibre.

Is it Safe For Your Cat to Eat Table Scraps and Leftover Food?
Your cat has different nutritional needs than you do, and her diet should reflect that. But it's perfectly safe to share certain types of leftover food with your pet! For instance, feel free to share any leftover fish from your family dinner. Your kitty will love it if you take the time to turn your scraps of salmon into homemade salmon cat food.

However, Lattanzio points out that it's important to remember that table scraps and prepared human food cannot make up a complete feline diet. "An additive is necessary to prevent malnutrition," she says. And be wary of your cat getting a bit too used to these special treats! Once your cat knows he can get leftovers, it can be a lot harder to him to eat his regular food, says Sures.

What Are Some Easy and Healthy Homemade Cat Food Recipes?
Do you love the convenience of canned cat food, but want to make sure that your pet is getting all the necessary nutrients?

Try out these five quick and easy homemade cat food recipes:

  1. Salmon Treats
    These salmon treats from Miss Molly Says can easily be made into very large batches.
  2. Tasty Fish Entrees
    Cats love the flavour of fish.  Try out these recipes.
  3. Full Dinner
    Do you want to make your kitty a full homemade meal? Check out this recipe from Star Sun Moon, which includes meat and vegetables.
  4. Meaty Biscuits
    Lindsey, the blogger behind The Herbangardener, developed this recipe for her own cat, Liz.
  5. Sardine Salad
    This is one of the many healthy homemade cat recipes that Midsummer Farm provides!

Text source: Tisha Berg is a mom, wife, blogger and proud cat owner whose furry little friends (and daughters) do enjoy a little bit of bacon every now and then, in addition to much healthier treats, as well.

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