Dogs in Christmas Outfits

Dec. 10, 2015

What's cuter than a dog in a Christmas outfit? Check out the festive doggy roundup here!

What is it about dressed-up dogs -- especially dogs in Christmas outfits -- that we find irresistible? Is it the way clothes make them look like tiny, furry people? Or maybe it's because, oftentimes, they want to please you, so they'll let you dress them in just about any outfit, costume or hat you can find.

When it comes to the holidays, there is no shortage of cute outfits and accessories to dress up your pup. Whether you go gaga for a miniature Santa Paws, can't get enough of your favorite reindog or just plain love a pooch in a classic Christmas sweater, you will love this roundup of dogs in Christmas outfits.

Grab a cup of cocoa, stoke up the fire and get ready to laugh at these utterly adorable -- and occasionally humiliating -- outfits some pet parents put their fur babies in:

  1. OK, Now Where Is My Treat?

    With the right motivation, your dog can be amazingly patient. This pooch is living proof of what dogs will do for a biscuit!
  2. You Can Make Me Wear It But You Can't Make Me Like It

    This pup decked out in a new Christmas sweater seems to be protesting the attire by way of a lie-in. Even when they're stubborn, they're awfully cute.
  3. Santa Paws

    Santa Pug is decked out and chimney-ready. The little bitty booties really pull the outfit together.
  4. Whatever You Do, Don't Call Him Rudolph

    "I'll wear the antlers, but I'm NOT putting on that silly red nose!"
  5. It's Christmas Time, Y'all

    "Look, I know beards are very trendy right now, but don't you think this is going a tad too far?"
  6. The Homemade Fashionista

    She looks like she's ready to hit the kitchen and whip up a Christmas feast! (Someone should tell her she has her apron on backward, though.)
  7. Big Dogs Can Dress up, Too

    Who says only the lap dogs get to dress up for Christmas? This festive couple is ready for the holidays -- bring on the milk and cookies!
  8. Santa's Littlest Helper

    This exceptionally tiny elf may not pull his weight in Santa's workshop, but he is sure to spread Christmas cheer in his adorable outfit.
  9. Baby, It's Cold Outside!

    This costume isn't just season-appropriate for this pint-sized pup. It's necessary to stay warm!
  10. He Sees You When You're Sleeping ...

    "Maybe if Santa sees how cute I am, he'll leave me an extra toy!"
  11. You Can Be Santa Next Year

    What's better than a dachshund in a costume? Well, two dachshunds in costumes, of course.
  12. Because "Bruno" Was Too Many Letters

    Not to be confused with "cat!" this conveniently labeled sweater will help you keep your animals straight.
  13. Here Comes Santa Claus

    "No really! I'm Santa Claus! See? I have the suit and everything!"
  14. Where Do You Even Get a Sweater This Tiny?

    This is really just a sock with some leg holes cut in it -- don't tell Princess.
  15. Regal Reindeer

    You just need seven more dogs and a small child in a red snowsuit, and you'll be the most popular house on the block!
  16. Just Pretend to Be Asleep, and They'll Leave You Alone

    Sorry, pooch, you don't have to be awake to get in on the fun.
  17. This Is My Happy Face

    "What do you mean? This is my jolly elf impression!"
  18. Jingle Bells

    This dog is just happy they didn't make him wear the matching hat this year.
  19. The Year They Forgot to Buy the Tree

    Your dog won't wear a sweater, but you want to get into the Christmas spirit? No worries! When in doubt, just grab some decorations and go to town -- minus the ornament hooks, of course.
  20. Ho Ho Oh No You Didn't!

    "Oh sure, have your fun now. Just look inside before you put your shoes on tomorrow."

Do you love dressing your dog for Halloween as well as Christmas? Check out these fun Halloween Pet Events in the USA, and tell us about your favorite dog outfits in the comments!

Victoria Georgoff is a freelance writer, psychotherapist, lover of all animals and owner of a delightfully fluffy cat, MJ.

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