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Dog Walker Tales: Stories of the Unexpected!

Angela Tague
Dec. 23, 2015

Sometimes Dogs do the Strangest Things on Their Walks

Being a dog walker has its perks: You're surrounded by furry smiles and wagging tails each time you go to work. And sometimes, silly occur to break up your routine neighborhood strolls. As a dog lover, you can surely relate to these unexpected dog-walk moments that will leave you laughing about what it means to truly be a superstar pet caretaker.

Photo credit: Andrew Wheeler

Searching for the Right Spot
It's not uncommon for dogs to be a little particular about where they leave their, ahem, calling cards. A dog walker in South Boston says one of her canine clients likes to get animated and show off his flexibility when he needs to urinate.

Certified professional dog trainer Vivian Zottola from Boston K9 Concierge explains, "We have a dog that loves to do cartwheels when he urinates, and also shimmy up on his forepaws and eliminate on trees and walks. It's funny to watch the meticulous effort he makes to get it just right."

When the dogs aren't showing off their goofy mannerisms, Zottola says she adores "when a stranger from across the street asks to pet the dog I'm walking, letting me know they are visiting the city and miss their own. The joy petting a dog gives is just so precious to watch." She also commends strangers when they bend down to the dog's level and let the canine approach. This sends the pet positive signals and reduces the stress of being touched by a stranger.

An Unexpected Movie Star Moment
For some people, the dream of seeing a famous actor in person is just that, a dream. But for one Hollywood dog walker, it's all in a day's work.

Even though Rachel M. (who prefers to stay discreet due to her celebrity clientele) from Los Angeles Dog Company frequently encounters A-list stars on her walks, she wasn't quite prepared for one outing. The morning after the MTV Movie Awards, this dog walker had a full roster of pooches to pamper. While walking two large-breed dogs, nature called. Rachel's star-struck moment wasn't what most people wish for.

"Just as I'm bent over scooping with two hands, Vin Diesel comes out of Pharrell's driveway in his cute little Jaguar and waves at me while all the dogs are barking at him and I'm holding my breath from the smell. It was incredibly awkward," she explains. If you can't stop laughing at this story, you might get a kick out of Dog Poop: Everything You Need to Know.

Rachel's also had to laugh at her dog friends when they make themselves extra cozy on a walk. Once, a canine companion decided it was time for a little rest at the end of a driveway where "somebody had set their couch out for the trash collectors. She jumped right on it and wanted to take a nap midwalk."

Next time you reach for your dog's leash, be prepared for just about anything. Whether your canine likes to show off some fancy footwork on the trails, or has to have a belly rub after each excursion, we'd love to hear about your experiences taking your dog out and about. Tell us in the comments below!

If your own dog can't seem to stop using your kitchen as the stage for her performance art, read on to Dog Peeing in House? Here's How to Make It Stop!

Angela writes about parenting, pet care and being a home-based writer. She and her husband live in Iowa with their two spoiled dogs.
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