15 Cutest Dog Pictures Ever

Dec. 2, 2015

Need a good laugh? Check out some of the cutest dog pictures you've ever seen!

Every dog owner thinks that her dog is the cutest in the world, but come on -- have you ever seen anything as adorable as these precious pups? After seeing some of the cutest dog pictures out there, you might want to post some of your own:

  1. I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something ...
    "Has anybody seen my bag of puppies?" Oh, there it is!

  2. But you MUST pay the rent!
    This little guy looks like he works in a French bistro! "May I take your order, madame?"

  3. You Don't Wanna See Him When He's Angry
    Whoever thought to dye this bulldog's fur green to turn him into the Incredible Hulk was a genius! If you want to try this out on your own dog, make sure to use pet-friendly fur dye.

  4. Dude, Seriously?
    This dog needs a lesson on personal space -- stat!

  5. It's the One on the Left, Right?
    Did you ever think of making a snowdog instead of a snowman in the winter? Try making your own snowdog that looks just like your favorite furry friend!

  6. Well, I'm the Only One Here...
    "You talkin' to me?" Who knew Robert De Niro had a dog doppelganger?

  7. Easy Rider
    This cute dog picture really demonstrates some people's dedication to Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Looks like Rover might need a helmet, but at least he has a pair of sunglasses! If this picture looks familiar, you may want to read on to Driving with Dogs - Distractions or Much-To-Do About Nothing?

  8. The Easter Bunny Brought Me ... Herself?
    This year, give your kiddos an Easter basket they're sure to remember. Just make sure that you check all the chocolate before eating it!

  9. Game, Set and Match
    Bring this dog along when you play tennis, and you'll never have to run after a ball again! You might need a towel, though.

  10. The Hot Dogs Are Ready!
    Oh, wait ...

  11. Don't Mess With the Fifi
    Wax on, wax off really worked out for this feline.

  12. This Is How to Rock "Street Chic"
    The next time you take your dog on a run, buy your princess her own set of dog-sized Chucks to keep those little tootsies from getting too hot on the sidewalk.

  13. What, You Don't Like It?
    But you said yellow really brings out my eyes!

  14. That Reminds Me I Really Need to Mop
    It's a tumbleweed! It's a giant ball of dryer lint! No, it's Daisy the puli dog, running home.

  15. So Cute It Hurts
    Now if this doesn't make you feel snuggly, what will? After a tough day of playing and running, these little ones needed a well-deserved nap together.

Have you taken pictures of your dog looking adorable? What are the cutest dog pictures you've ever taken? Share your story and let us know!

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Kelly Sundstrom is an award-winning journalist, author and artist. As the caretaker of two dogs, five cats and a bearded dragon, Sundstrom often enjoys the laughter and joy her pets bring to life.

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