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DIY Dog Bed Ideas For Your Little Friend

Shellie Braeuner
Sept. 4, 2015

Dog beds that won't cramp your style or break the bank

No matter how much you love your dog, nothing destroys your home's décor like a ratty blanket in the corner. You want what's best for your dog and what's best for your home. That's where a DIY dog bed can help. Whether you have a large or small dog, choosing the right dog bed is important. Most importantly, your little buddy must be comfortable. So start by choosing a cushion that is supportive. This is vital for large breeds, and dogs that have issues with hip dysplasia. But after that, look at your home's décor.

Are you a vintage queen? A modern maven? Do you love classic country or sleek tech? Regardless of your style, your dog will be styling in his own little space, and by creating it yourself, you can ensure that your fur baby's bed fits into your life.

So what DIY dog bed is right for you:

  1. Four Poster Upcycle
    This bed for your little princess reuses an end table and turns it into a four poster bed. Simply turn the table upside down and paint it to match your décor. Find or make a supportive pillow for the cavity created by the upturned table, and it's perfect for a small dog.
  2. Bedside Bed
    Choose a large bedside table with a cabinet. Remove the door and any shelving. Purchase or make a cushion to fit inside, and your dog can have his own spot right next to your bed every night.
  3. Upcycled TV Condo
    Remember those giant, old TV consoles with the speakers? You know, the kind the Brady Bunch gathered around to watch television? Well, those things can't even stream Netflix, so they're crowding dumps all over the country. You can help! Just remove the electronic "guts" from the inside and paint the wooden cabinet a color that coordinates with your décor. Place a cushion inside for your dog (and don't make any "idiot box" jokes!).
  4. Wine Lovers' Bed
    While your dog can't enjoy wine (or any grapes or sugar-free foods), that doesn't mean she can't enjoy a vineyard favorite. Simply cut the slats from one side of a wine crate, then sand the sides to remove any splinters. Paint it your favorite shade of merlot or chardonnay and add a supportive cushion.
  5. Ugly Sweater Bed
    Your fluffy little elf has been very good all year and definitely deserves a special bed for Christmas. Sew or glue a seam across the sweater from one armpit to the other, and stuff it with a supportive cushion. Sew or glue the bottom of the sweater and sleeves closed. Fill the top of the sweater and the arms with stuffing and close the neck. Wrap the arms around the top of the cushion to form the sides of the bed.
  6. Build-a-Bed
    Try your hand at building a bed from scratch. Build a box that is slightly larger than your dog and deep enough to hold a firm cushion. Lift your bed from the floor with vintage furniture legs for an old-fashioned look.
  7. Kerfed Bed
    For DIY thrill-seekers, try kerfing a round or curved bed for your pup. Kerfing involves cutting high-quality plywood almost all the way through, then curving the wood around a form. After forming the curve, you fill in any cracks with putty and sand the wood smooth before you paint (or even wallpaper!) your bed to coordinate with your living room's motif.
  8. Compu-dog
    Give your little dog a home on your desk by removing the screen and electronics from an old monitor. Glue fabric that coordinates with your décor to the inside and fill the bottom with a cushion.
  9. Travel Bed
    Share your love of vintage decor. Remove the smaller lid from a vintage suitcase and pack it with a supportive pillow. Add casters to make it easy to move from room to room.
  10. Little Red Wagon
    Re-purpose an old wagon by removing the wheels and axles. Tuck in a supportive cushion, and you have a bed for a medium to large dog.

Your pup will be snoozing and snoring comfortably before you know it!

Shellie Braeuner, is an award winning children's author. She earned an M.Ed from Vanderbilt in Human Developmental Counseling and has worked as a nanny for more than 25 years.

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