17 DIY Dog Toys: How to Make Fun, Safe Toys From Things in Your House

19 Jun 2017

Why spend tons of money on expensive dog toys when you can upcycle items from around your home?

Does it seem like dog toys come into your house for the sole purpose of being destroyed? Can your pup rip the squeaker out of a stuffed duck in 30 seconds flat? DIY dog toys could be your answer if you're tired of shelling out big bucks on store-bought toys that don't last very long -- or worse -- are potentially unsafe for your pup to play with.

Not only is it annoying to see those shiny new toys ripped to shreds, but it could also pose a choking hazard or other tummy trouble if your dog actually ingests pieces of cloth, filling or plastic -- especially those cheaper dog toys which may not be made from the best materials to begin with.

Luckily, you probably already have dozens of potential DIY dog toys just waiting to be made from unused things in your house. Round up some old T-shirts, towels, bed sheets, tennis balls and anything else that can be repurposed into a boredom buster for Fido. Remember, toys are a necessity for keeping your dogs happy, active and out of trouble, but spending tons of money on them doesn't have to be. Happy crafting!

DIY Dog Toys

  1. Ball Tug Toy
    Grab an old tennis or squeaky ball and a little bit of fabric and create this fun toy from She Knows. Whether you throw it, toss it or tug it, your dog is sure to love it.
  2. Interactive Dog Feeder Toy
    This sturdy feeding toy created by Dog Tipper will keep your pooch busy for a long time as she twists and turns it to get a treat -- it's a fun DIY dog toy for someone who is handy with a few basic tools.
  3. Plastic Bottle Tug Toy
    Chances are you have a plastic water bottle floating around your home or car somewhere. Instead of recycling it, grab some fabric and upcycle it into this cute dog toy from Ammo the Dachshund.
  4. T-Shirt Rope Toy
    Next time you're cleaning out your -- or your kid's -- closet, round up all the stained, too small, ripped and otherwise out of commission clothes and turn them into this truly one-of-a-kind dog toy created by LVLY.

  5. Agility Jump
    Get your dog a little extra exercise with this easy to make agility jump that can be set up in your backyard or living room. Soft Puppy Warm House has all the details on this easy project.
  6. Rope Ball
    Check out this fun rope ball from Hands Occupied, which you can sneak a little dog treat into to keep your dog busy chewing a safe toy.
  7. Sweet Potato Rope Toy
    This clever toy found on Instructables uses sturdy rope and dried sweet potato to keep your pup busy.
  8. Towel Tug Toy
    Have some old towels you aren't using? Check out this idea by Retrobellish, which repurposes them into this sturdy, washable chew and tug toy for your pup (and maybe saves your new towels from becoming chew toys in the process).
  9. "Pupsicles"
    Your dog will love this tasty treat that doubles as a toy and keeps him busy, created by Life in Mama Tone.
  10. No-Sew Denim Dog Toy
    No sewing machine? No problem! All you need to complete this toy from Creativity Unmasked is some scissors and an old pair of jeans!
  11. Simple Sock Toy
    Got a sock with no mate? Stuff a tennis ball inside and tie to make this simple toy idea from The Cozy Condo.

  12. Sewing Scraps Dog Toy
    Check out this adorable dog toy made from scraps of fabric at Sew It Love It. Old towels or T-shirts would also do the trick!
  13. Homemade Squeaky Toy
    If you have a squeaky toy that needs new life, simply rescue the squeaker out of an old toy and add it to a new homemade one, like this one from Laura Griffin Designs. Only give this toy to pooches who don't try to destroy and eat the plastic squeaker.
  14. Shirt Scrap Dog Toy
    Try this simple toss and tug toy made from T-shirt scraps and tennis balls, by The Experimental Home.
  15. Frozen Sock Toy
    It doesn't get any easier than freezing a knotted sock to give to your pup. Try this simple toy found on Instructables.
  16. Pop Bottle Toy
    This interactive dog toy from The Adventures of Kym & Dustin will keep your dog happy and active.
  17. Toy on a Stick
    Think toys on a stick are just for cats? Think again: Your dog will love this toy from Notes From a Dog Walker.


Looking for more DIY dog projects? Check out DIY Dog Bed Ideas For Your Little Friend.

Victoria Georgoff is a freelance writer, psychotherapist, animal lover and pet owner to her exceptionally furry cat, MJ.

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