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Beyond the Dog Scrapbook: 7 Clever Ideas for All Your Pup Pictures

Angela Tague
Dec. 21, 2015

Show off your pet pics in these creative ways!

When it comes to puppy love, you're in deep. You can't get enough of those furry smiles and wagging tails. So you snap, snap, snap photos constantly! But, don't let them stay tucked away in your smartphone or camera forever. Get crafty and create a dog scrapbook or photo project. Get inspired!

  1. Instagram Wood Slice Christmas Ornament
    Are you thinking of creating a canine-themed Christmas tree this year? Check out this nature-inspired wood ornament craft from Chaney at May Richer Fuller Be. With a little Mod Podge and a favorite snapshot, you can create an ornament that celebrates your favorite pup.

    Why not go all out and create multiple ornaments to show off your favorite canine snapshots? You can even add in some photos of celebrity pooches and pretend you're famous. Check out 15 Celebrity Pets and the Stars Who Love Them for some inspiration.
  2. DIY Recycled Glass Bottle Frames
    If you love vintage decor and upcycling, this photo project from Johnnie at Saved by Love Creations is perfect for you. After printing out your favorite photos, tuck them inside glass bottles to create a unique photo frame. These bottle frames look perfect on a bookcase, in the kitchen or even next to your pup's treat jar.
  3. Photo Frame Leash Holder
    Convert a wood plaque, a snapshot of your dog and some decorative knobs into a handy caddy for leashes and collars. You can easily paint this project from Ashleigh at Artsy-Fartsy Crafter. Coordinate with your decor and use colorful ribbon for a pop of color. If you're feeling extra ambitious, make a second photo holder to hang near the front door or coat closet to keep your dog's sweaters organized.
  4. Burlap Photo Wreath
    Why not create a photo collage that everyone who enters your home can admire? This rustic burlap craft from KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms is a country-esque way to show off your best doggie snapshots. If you have more than one dog, make a wreath for each door of your home, or hang one on an interior wall to admire.
  5. Debonair Dog Coasters
    Angela at Blue i Style shows you how to transform inexpensive cork coasters from a craft store into artsy accents for your coffee table. Feature several poses of your dog, or one shot each of all the pups in your family. This project also transforms into an adorable gift idea for your dog-loving friends and family. Feature their pets, or yours!
  6. Collage of Framed Pictures
    Do you love to paint? Pick up a variety of lightweight, raw wood frames from a craft store, then paint and hang them in a large wall display featuring wide ribbon. Stephanie from Fab You Bliss shows you how, step-by-step. This project is the perfect way to jazz up an awkward wall space by creating your own design with the frames!
  7. Dog Mom Bulletin Board
    Create an easily updatable wall hanging to showcase your favorite doggie snapshots. This bulletin board project from Amanda at Dog Mom Days makes it simple to showcase new pictures for each season or holiday. Make two boards and take one to work to embellish your office or break area. And if this isn't a sure enough sign of your devotion, read on to 22 Signs That You're a Dog Lover.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to the dog park, grab shots of your furry friend from every angle, then get busy creating a heartwarming keepsake featuring your favorite pictures.

What do you do with all your pup pics? Do you have a dog scrapbook? Tell us in the comments!

Angela writes about parenting, pet care and being a home-based writer. She and her husband live in Iowa with their two spoiled dogs. Connect with her on Twitter.

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