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Am I Obsessed With My Dog? 11 Signs You Really Love Your Fur Baby

Steve Auger
Dec. 2, 2015

Some dog owners tend to go a bit overboard with their dogs. Here are 11 signs you just might fall into that category.

There are two types of people in this world: dog owners and everyone else. Sure, plenty of people love dogs. But dog owners are a different breed (no pun intended). There's nothing they won't do for their dogs, and the phrase "he's just a dog" causes them heart palpitations. If you're nodding your head in approval, then, at some point, you've certainly pondered the question, "Am I obsessed with my dog?" Here are 11 ways to determine if you're a bit too crazy about your canine:

  1. Voluntary Kisses on the Lips
    You see the way his tail wags like windshield wipers on high during a rainstorm when you get home. He's tickled pink to see you, so why not show him the feeling's mutual? Your dog likes a good smooch just as much as you do.
  2. Her Sleep Is Your Priority
    After a long day at work or out with the kids, there's nothing you want more than some solid sack time. You climb into bed only to discover your dog sprawled out under the covers on your side. Instead of making her move, you maneuver yourself into an awkward position to accommodate her.
  3. Family Knows No Boundaries
    As far as you're concerned, there are two types of children: those who walk on two legs and can speak and those who walk on four legs and love a good scratch behind the ears. Your dog is one of your kids, end of discussion. You even remind your mother not to play favorites with her grandkids only to be greeted with, "She's not my grandchild. She's a dog."
  4. Happy Holidays
    Holidays are for spending time with family and loved ones. So of course, your dog is part of the festivities. That means she gets gifts in her own stocking. And her stocking is probably the biggest one in the family. Don't forget her picture with Santa at your local pet store, of course.

  5. Cakes Are Cookin'!
    Like any responsible parent, you celebrate your children's birthdays. That goes for your dog, too. Picking up an extra one of his favorite bones and baking him a birthday cake aren't out of the ordinary. It's the norm every year. (And if you need a dog cake recipe, check out 7 Delicious Dog Cake Recipes.)
  6. Marital Bliss
    A wedding is such a joyous occasion. And those closest to you make up your wedding party. So why not try to find a way to let your dog participate in your big day? She can be a bridesmaid or he can be a groomsman. Or how about the job of presenting the rings? Just tie them to his collar before the start of the ceremony. Maybe he can even escort the mothers of the bride and groom down the aisle to their seats.

  7. Honeymoon for Three
    If you go as far as including your dog in your wedding, how can you not bring her on the honeymoon? Crank up the Google machine to find dog-friendly accommodations in whichever paradise you're jetting off to. And disregard any you're-that-couple looks you receive.
  8. From All of Us
    How many times a year do you send out birthday cards? Probably a lot. Then you know the proper way to sign the card is by writing your dog's name and drawing a paw print.
  9. Nothing but the Finest
    Somewhere on the kitchen floor is a spot for your dog's food and water bowls. Not only is her name on each bowl, but she only drinks bottled water -- none of that from-the-tap stuff for her.
  10. Running Buddy
    For the runners in the crowd, some dogs make great pavement-pounding companions. If you sense he's losing steam, the only thing to do is carry him back, obviously!
  11. "Good Dog!"
    A well-behaved dog is ideal. But some of them have mischievous streaks. You might find yourself telling your dog he's a good boy most of the time, even when he doesn't deserve it. How can you resist?

Now ask yourself again: "Am I obsessed with my dog?" Thought so.

What are some of the ways you're too into your dog? Share them in the comments below. And check out I Love My Dog! But Does He Love Me? for some reciprocal love.

Steve Auger is a freelance writer residing just north of Boston, Massachusetts. As relatively new parents, he and his wife Lauren quickly learned that parenthood is short on sleep (and sometimes patience) but diapers, toothless smiles and lots of love are plentiful.

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