15 Reasons That Life With Dogs is the Best Way to Live

Oct. 28, 2015

Enrich your life by living a life with dogs, and learn the many ways in which a furry friend can enhance your enjoyment of life.

There's something special about opening your eyes in the morning to your precious pup waiting for you and you could never imagine life without him. Here are 15 reasons why life with dogs is the best way to live:

  1. Increases Exercise

    Living life with dogs is a great way to sweat. Exercise provides so many benefits from weight loss to improved moods and overall happiness. And any runner will attest, sometimes it gets lonely pounding the pavement by yourself. Teach your dog to jog with you and you've got yourself a running buddy.

    According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), 54 percent of dog parents are more likely to get the recommended level of physical activity than non-pet parents. Looking for tips? Check out Dog Running: How to Train Your Four-Legged Running Partner.
  1. Wards Off Depression
    Depression is a serious health concern for many people. Besides exercise and medication, dogs are another way to combat it. According to HelpGuide, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those who don't have pets.
  1. Offers Protection

    Some dogs, such as German shepherds, are fantastic guard dogs. And that's ideal for people who live alone, the elderly, or families with a parent who travels a lot for business.
  1. Improves Social Life
    Some people are naturally shy and have trouble making friends. Walking your dog in public places such as parks or wooded trails puts you in a social situation with other like-minded people. And you're more apt to strike up a conversation with another dog owner.
  1. Helps Deal With Work Stress

    Doesn't all the work-related stress magically vanish when you're greeted at home by a wagging tail and a few face licks? That's because oxytocin, a chemical that brings humans joy, is released when you see your pets, Health tells us.
  1. Decreases Childhood Allergies

    Exposing young children to pets at an early age helps their immune systems cope with allergies that arise from pet hair or dander, according to AAHA.
  1. Provides Laughter
    Dog owners can always count on their canine companions to do something to make them laugh. It could be presenting a blanket to them when they get home or sprinting all over the yard after a spirited game of fetch.
  1. Improves Health
    No one likes being sick. Dogs can improve our health by helping to lower blood pressure levels, for example, says Psychology Today.
  1. Creates Love Connections

    Dogs are a great way to meet people when you're out and about. Make eye contact with the right one and you'll be thanking Fido for helping you trade phone numbers. According to Slate, one survey found 82 percent of people feel more confident talking to an attractive person when their dog is by their side. And in a study for the State University of New York at Buffalo, as reported by About Relationships, couples with pets feel closer and have a more satisfying relationship.
  1. Befriends the Elderly

    Depression and loneliness can develop in people as they age. Having a dog provides companionship for seniors.
  1. Serves Those Who Need It

    One of the most selfless and loving acts a dog can perform is to be a service dog. They help blind people see, recognize a pending seizure and help a veteran cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  1. Celebrates the Holidays

    The holidays are a chance to focus on family and catch up with relatives you don't see very often. Having a dog as part of the family only enhances the celebration.
  1. Teaches Children about Animals

    For many children, the family dog is their first friend. Having a dog as part of the family allows parents to teach their children the right way to treat animals.
  1. Provides Companionship
    Some people turn to dogs for companionship. According to Psychology Today, some pet owners receive as much support from their pets as they do from family members.
  1. Presents Unconditional Love

    The greatest gift dogs can give their owners is unconditional love. He can chew your shoe, piddle on the rug or eat your child's homework but even after you scold him, no matter what, he loves you.

Life is what you make of it. And for dog lovers, life with dogs is the only way to live.

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Steve Auger is a freelance writer whose venture into the world of dog lovers began shortly after meeting his wife, Lauren, and her adorable puggle, Layla. He quickly learned that some of the best friends people will ever have are those that walk on four legs.

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