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10 of the Best-Dressed Dogs

Jennifer Stauffer
Dec. 22, 2015

You're not the only one in your family who has a passion for fashion. Check out these pictures of 10 well-dressed dogs!

The best-dressed dogs are those that prove fashion isn't just for humans. Whether they're dripping with fancy accessories or rocking outfits that are more delicate than your wedding dress, these canines have a style that just can't be beat.

Interested in having your dog join the ranks of this fashionable squad? Then go ahead and style your pet from head to paw! You can even turn your furry friend's leash or harness into a bold fashion statement. But don't forget that the best-dressed dogs don't necessarily have to wear heavy or uncomfortable fabrics. After all, the most important thing is for your canine companion to be as comfortable as possible. Look for light, delicate fabrics, instead. For instance, flowy tulle may give your furry friend the room she needs to roam around comfortably.

And, when picking an outfit, be sure to let your pet's personality -- not her appearance -- lead the way. Even a tough bulldog can look like a precious pooch in something unexpected, like a ballerina tutu. Finally, be sure to remember that fashion is not a girl's club! Your male dog can make a stylish statement, too. All you need is a bow tie or a collar -- and perhaps a full-length coat.

Are you ready for your furry friend to find her signature look? Then check out these snapshots of 10 of the best-dressed dogs:

  1. Pretty in Pink

    Is that you, Molly Ringwald?
  2. Superstar!

    "I'm just going to strut my stuff down this red carpet."
  3. Ruffles, Rhinestones or Stripes: Why Pick Just One?

    "Do you think I can pull off horizontal stripes?"
  4. Coordinated From Head to Paw

    This patriotic pooch is ready for a Fourth of July barbecue! Check out Dogs in Christmas Outfits for more holiday-inspired attire.
  5. Isn't She Bow-tiful?

    Sally is the prettiest flower in the garden -- even is she's the one digging all the other plants up!
  6. The Preteen Girl Outfit

     From the denim skirt to the pink bow, this ensemble looks like it came right out of one of your daughter's magazines.
  7. Born to Stand Out

    Were you worried that you might lose sight of Emma in the snow? Well, worry no more!
  8. Can You Spot the Pug?

    It's the age-old question: Can an animal pull off an animal print?
  9. Bulldog Ballerina

     "Does this tutu make me look fat?"
  10. Dressed to Impress

     Attention all lady dogs: Here's your gentleman collar.

Now that you've been inspired by these stylish pups, you're ready to have a fashion show with your own furry friend. Perhaps you'll even find that your dog enjoys getting dressed up just as much as you do! If that's the case, you should check out these 20 Funny Dog Costume Ideas.

Which of the above outfits is your absolute favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Jennifer Stauffer worked on Capitol Hill in PR and legislation before becoming a mother in 2011. She now blogs about parenting and pop culture at Mom Tattles, and hopes to publish her first novel soon.

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