What Your Dog Says About You: How His Breed Reflects Your Personality

Jill Reed Siroty
Dec. 22, 2015

Here's an overview of what 12 different breeds of dog say about their owners. Which one are you?

Have you ever heard the theory that dog owners start to look like their pets after a while? Well, you and your furry friend may actually be similar in other ways, too! For instance, the specific breed of dog you own can be a reflection of your unique personality.

Here's some insight into what your dog says about you:

  1. Golden Retrievers
    Golden retrievers (and their owners) tend to be friendly and kind. If you own this particular type of pet, you're likely always happy to meet new people -- though you should leave the jumping and face-licking to your furry friend.

    Some of your best qualities include your ability to find the good in those around you and your loyalty to your friends and family. You and your dog also have an inviting personality that draws people to you and makes them feel at ease, which is good, because you both enjoy being around others and having fun.

  2. Poodles
    If you own a proud and intelligent poodle, you likely enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. You're always put together, but you're still down to earth and up for a night on the town!

  3. Pugs
    As a pug owner, you're usually the life of the party. All you need to do to bring smiles to your friends' faces is just be your usual, goofy self. Just like your pug, you're naturally curious and playful, and you'll do anything for a laugh.

  4. Dalmatians
    Do you have a dalmatian? If so, you probably tend to be very organized and self-disciplined. Dalmatian owners like to schedule their day and keep things neat and tidy.

  5. Labrador Retrievers
    Labrador retrievers, like their owners, are agreeable and easygoing. If you have one of these pets, you likely draw people in with your relaxed nature and ability to make everyone around you feel comfortable.

  6. Beagles
    And what about beagle owners? If you fall into this category, you likely work well under pressure and know how to handle your emotions. Much like your beagle, you're not rattled easily. As a result, friends know that you're someone they can rely on when they need support. These small dogs and their owners also tend to be quite curious -- which might explain why your pet just loves to dig up your yard.

  7. Chihuahuas
    If you've chosen a Chihuahua to be your canine companion, you're likely smart, accepting and open to new experiences. And while people might think you're a bit high-maintenance, you're actually quite easy to be around, just like your little pooch!

  8. Jack Russell Terriers
    Jack Russell terriers are energetic, social and friendly. If you've decided to add this fur ball to your family, it's likely that you enjoy exercising and being with other people. In fact, you'd usually rather be out with friends than home alone.

  9. Pitbulls
    Pitbull owners are known to be sympathetic, open-minded and creative. If you own a dog that comes from this often misunderstood breed, you likely don't pay too much attention to what other people think about you.

  10. Huskies
    As a husky owner, you tend to be confident and strong-willed. But you still always make it your priority to take care of the people around you. Huskies are active dogs who love to be outside, just like their owners.

  11. Rottweilers
    If well-trained, this guard dog will shower his family with affection. As a Rottweiler owner, you're probably super protective of your loved ones, just like your furry friend.

  12. Afghan Hounds
    The American Kennel Club refers to the Afghan hound as "a breed of charming contradictions." They're sweet and silly, but also tend to be independent and loyal. If you own an Afghan hound, you're probably a well-rounded person who can get along well with everyone around you.

For tips on choosing the dog that will mesh well with your personality, check out Breeds of Dogs -- How Do You Find the Right One for You? Looking for a dog that your whole family will love? Check out 10 Great Dog Breeds for Children.

Do you have any other ideas on what your dog says about you? Tell us in the comments below!

Jill Reed Siroty is a freelance writer, blogger and college instructor. She lives with her husband, two sons and an affectionate, yet slightly demanding, Havanese dog named Allie.

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