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Puppy Love: 9 of the Most Adorable Puppies on the Instagram

Dominique Goh
April 12, 2016

Dog-lovers, beware. This is some cuteness overload.

Whether you're a puppy walker, puppy owner or just have some serious puppy love, you won't want to miss this compilation of some of the cutest puppy pictures we've Found.

  1. Three-Alarm Cuteness
    This little guy might grow up to help put out fires. But for now, he's just warming Hearts.

  2. Rough, Tough Creampuff
    Some puppies are shy, but this future toughie oozes confidence.

  3. Who Doesn't Love Chocolate?
    Chocolate labs put the sweet in sweet-tempered.

  4. What's the Problem? Nothing's Happening Here
    This French bulldog needs to work on his manners, oui?

  5. Catch Me If You Can
    It's all in a day's work for this furry and fearless mountain climber.

  6. I'm Going to Grow, Whether You Like it or Not.
    A is for adorable, affectionate Akita.

  7. Go Ahead, Just Try to Resist Me
    We're pretty sure this fella's puppy-dog eyes are what sealed the deal for his owner.
  8. One Tired Hot Dog Comin' Up!
    It ain't easy being a dachshund that's this darn cute!

  9. They're Gr-r-r-reat!
    These two great dane pups are angelic.

Share your own puppy love pics with us in the comment section below. We know there's plenty of love to go around!

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Dominique Goh, Singaporean Mum blogger. Read about her life experiences and passions at Dominique's Desk.

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