10 Short-Haired Cat Breeds

Short-haired cats are super cute! Here are 10 to choose from.

You love cats, but the fur? Not so much. To the rescue: short-haired cat breeds. Who wouldn't love to do a little less vacuuming and sweeping around the house? And a short-haired cat may also save you time when it comes to grooming. According to The Humane Society, short-haired cat breeds require less brushing than their longer-haired cousins (though they do benefit from some of it to keep their coats clean). Plus, this kind of feline is beautiful to behold.

Short-haired breeds run the whole gamut from common to exotic, so speak with your veterinarian about the ease with which you can find the type you're looking for. Shelters and local pet pounds may have a wide variety, depending on the region in which you live.

As you search for the best shorthair to add to your family, consider the following 10 types:

  1. Abyssinian
    This ancient breed has roots in Africa and sports a soft, sleek coat. Known for his curiosity, this kitty is a loyal family cat that will follow the kids around all day long.

  2. American Shorthair
    Related to the British Shorthair, this feline offers classic cat features including a nice, round head. You can scratch this cat's chin, and he'll purr with delight. You might also set him free in your basement, as he's a good mouser!

  3. Havana Brown
    This chocolaty feline is famous for his personable demeanor and the ability to act like a dog. Yup, the Havana Brown has been known to fetch and carry toys and other items in her mouth!

  4. Manx
    He's short-haired, but his double coat seems longer and thicker than others' in this category. The Manx cat enjoys a healthy, long life and is friendly, making him a good pick for a family pet.

  5. Oriental Shorthair
    If you think there's something familiar about this cat, then you're right. She's related to the Siamese breed. This kitty is lovely, both in terms of looks and personality -- and she meows rather loudly!

  6. Russian Blue
    Classic features, a regal gaze and that blue-gray coat are the distinctive features of this short-haired cat. The Russian Blue has a mind of his own and may not tolerate teasing from kids (if yours are good with animals, then not to worry).

  7. Bombay
    If you're searching for a cat with a friendly demeanor that loves people (and even a few dogs), look no further. As an added bonus, the glistening inky fur of the Bombay is as delightful to stroke as it is to behold.

  8. Bengal
    This name says it all: He's tiger-like in appearance and of Asian descent. Bengals are highly intelligent and amenable to training (much like a dog).

  9. Siamese
    A lush coat and (often) striking blue eyes make this shorthair a real beauty. The Siamese breed loves affection and attention, so she's a great pick for a family with kids.

  10. Tonkinese
    Choose this breed if you're hoping for a cat with a sunny outlook who treats children well. This kitty hails from Asia, has a very soft coat and carries herself gracefully.

A short-haired cat is an inspired choice when considering the type of pet you'd like to welcome to your family. With a little research and time, you should be able to find the best match and give this breed of cat a loving home.

Once you find the perfect (lightly) furry friend, take a look at The 51 Cutest Cat Names for an inspirational moniker.

Jennifer Kelly Geddes is a New York-based writer and editor who specializes in parenting, health and child development. She's a frequent contributor to Care.com and the mom of two teen girls.

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