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Get Organized in 15 Minutes a Day, Really!

10 simple solutions to common organizing excuses.

Let's be honest, you did not get disorganized over night and you are not going to get organized over night. But getting your life in order is not as time consuming as you think.

Here are common excuses people come up with that stop them from organizing their workspace, followed by helpful responses. If you listen to this advice, you can solve organizing dilemmas with solutions that take just minutes a day.

  1. "Clutter Is in Control"
    Clutter is caused by unlike items being mixed together. Keep like items together to avoid pileups and constant sorting.

  2. "My Kids Rule the House"
    Corral kids' toys, games and books in portable bins with handles. Make the bins kid friendly and place them on low shelves to encourage early organizing from your kids.

  3. "Mail is My Biggest Problem"
    Create a zone near the garbage can where you can toss, shred and cut your mail pile in half. Sorting immediately will reduce how much mail sorting you need to do later.

  4. "Those Pesky Catalogs"
    Several good companies help consumers to opt out. To rid yourself of catalogs and save the planet too, visit

  5. "Who Has Time to Read?"
    Take a break from regular subscriptions and opt for single copies of your favorite magazines to test how much you are reading. If you are going through each issue quickly, you can always renew your subscription.

  6. "I Am Neat, But No One Else Is"
    For a team to work, everyone needs to have a role; the same is true for families. Make organizing a group effort by setting up a family meeting in which everyone has input.

  7. "I Get Organized and then a Week Later, it All Piles up Again"
    Organizing requires everyday maintenance. Treat it just like other things you do daily, like taking out the garbage or brushing your teeth.

  8. "I Have No Room for New Stuff"
    Take a "get organized family weekend." Set out bins for "donation," "fix" and "toss." Set up the bins near the door, readying them for their next home.

  9. "Where Did I Put My ...?"
    Consistency is the key when items go missing. Use the front of the house for keys and phones. Organize a drawer with labeled compartments for chargers and spare keys.

  10. "Who Has Time to Exercise?"
    Scheduling time for yourself is as important as any other appointment you make, so treat it that way by making it a non-negotiable priority.

Mary Carlomagno is the owner of Order, which specializes in clutter control and shopping addictions. She has written two books on these subjects, as well as several articles for Visit her website at


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  • love this website and all the cool advice will recomend this site to others

  • Many of people might do this but still have problems like me for example I am young but can never figure out why I can keep every other part of the house organized but my room is a disaster of clutter. How do I fix that? any suggestions?

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