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7 Funny Holiday Fails

These hilarous holiday blunders will make you feel better about your holiday.

Everyone longs for the perfect holiday. Unfortunately, all those hours spent baking and crafting homemade ornaments can lead to some epic disasters.But that's OK. Holiday fails -- like the ones below -- make for great stories down the road:

  1. The Holiday Photo Fail
    "Any parent can relate when you're trying to get a photo with toddlers (boys!), you keep smiling and looking at the camera while yelling through your teeth, 'SMILE! Look at the camera!' What we got was four smiling adults, one child who looks like he's sleeping, a screamer, a storm trooper (smiling behind the mask) and one just trying to figure out what's going on!"

    -- Nikki D., Kansas City
  2. New Years Snoozer
    "After visiting with my in-laws for the holidays, we decided to fly home early on New Year's Eve so that my husband and I could celebrate at a big party we had been dying to attend. After a four-hour delay and a narrowly missed connecting flight, we finally made it home. As I was getting ready, my husband passed out in bed and, needless to say, we missed the party. I watched the ball drop on TV as he snored next to me."

    -- Shey S., Denver
  3. Ugly Christmas Sweater
    "My mom sent this awful holiday sweater to my son. I showed it to him thinking he would completely reject it, but to our dismay he insisted on wearing it for his school holiday program and to a Christmas party with all of our neighbors. After that my husband tried to hide it, but somehow my son came out wearing it again on Christmas Day."
    -- Amanda U., Mar Vista, California

  4. A Recipe for Disaster
    "I followed this amazing Kraft low-fat Orange Dream Cheesecake recipe for Thanksgiving once. The magazine said to use 30 ounces of orange Jell-O. Total misprint because it was horrendous! It should have read 3 ounces! (One package!) My family was so nice, they all ate it with smiles, saying 'Mmm!'"

    -- Moksha B., Sherman Oaks, California
  5. Next Time, Hire Help
    "I was cleaning for guests in a rush. My sister told me about a fast way to clean a microwave by placing a wet paper towel inside and warming it a few seconds, making it easier to wipe the grime away. I put the towels in and hit start, but then I got distracted by something else.

    A few minutes later I smelled smoke, so I went outside to see if I saw smoke nearby, but there was nothing. When I came back in, it was clear the smoke was coming from my own kitchen. I called 911 as I spotted the smoke pouring from my microwave, which was still on. I had accidentally set it for 20 minutes instead of 20 seconds! Luckily there was no damage to my house, but I did have to buy a new microwave."

    -- Lucy S., San Antonio, Texas
  6. The Rotisserie Surprise
    "My mom and I once tried to use the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie grill for the turkey. It was just the two of us because my sister was in Spain that year. We didn't realize that stuffing the turkey was a bad idea and as it rotated, the stuffing kept falling out. We proceeded to shove the stuffing in quickly and then shove toothpicks up the turkey's butt. The stuffing was quite soggy ... but I think the turkey tasted good."

    -- Alyssa, Maple Valley, Washington
  7. The Yolks On You
    "Last Christmas I was set on passing down a tradition of making gingerbread cookies with my daughter using a very complex and time-consuming, old family recipe. After measuring every ingredient carefully and heating them on the stove top, I neglected to read the part where I needed to let the mixture cool before adding in an egg. I ended up with dough that looked like it had bits of scrambled eggs stuck in it. I had used up all the ingredients so I couldn't make a second batch. Instead I gave up and sent my husband to the store for a roll of pre-made dough."

    -- W. Sorenson, Bloomington, Minnesota


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Have you experienced some epic holiday fails? Share in the comments!

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