5 Ways to Tidy Toy Clutter in Small Spaces

Megan Broussard
July 5, 2017

Take back your small space by putting toys into space-maximizing organizers

Living in a small space or apartment with kids can sometimes feel like you're waking up in a toy store. Take a few steps down the hallway and you're likely to step on a doll that sneezes or a game piece you didn't even know you owned. But it doesn't have to be that way. Tidy up with ingenuity. Here's how.

  1. Hang It Up
    As you're doing your spring cleaning, consider using your kids' closets for more than their clothes. A hanging shoe organizer can hold dolls, blocks, small cars and trucks, and more. Sling pouches, like Peek-A-Boo Toy Sacks featured on the Make It Perfect blog, hang on hooks attached to doors or walls. If you don't have a suitable corner for a stuffed animal hammock, hanging toy storage can save on floor space. And if your kids are old enough, they can help you make this DIY stuffed animal swing.

  2. Double Up
    A great way to maximize space in your child's room is to make sure organization racks, bags or bins serve at least two purposes. For example, a bookshelf or DYI book sling can hold more than just books. Use them for art and crafts supplies, too.

  3. Be Transparent
    Put toys in clear bins or tape photos of the toys to the containers. Your child won't have to dig through each bin to find the one toy he wants to play with. Design Dazzle offers DIYers step-by-step instructions to make a number of storage solutions.

  4. Lay Down the Rules In a Fun Way
    Follow the lead of Dallas Moms Blog author Arena, whose genius "Busy Boxes" keep your child entertained one day at a time. To create your own, gather six containers one for each day of the week and one for the weekend and label them. Fill each with toys, ensuring that there's a wide variety in every bin. Each day your child plays with only the toys in the box labeled for that day. "My son likes discovering what's in the day's box," says Arena. "It's like he gets a box full of new toys every day."

    Busy Boxes, courtesy of Arena at Dallas Moms Blog.
  5. Let It Roll
    Don't neglect the space under your child's bed! Jaime Costiglio of That's My Letter created rolling drawers for under her daughters' beds. It's a cute and convenient way to store toys your kids can easily access.

If you need help, you can hire a home organizer or check out these 53 Organizing Ideas Your Family Can Actually Use!

Do you have storage tips to share? DIY projects to tell us about? Post before and after photos of your handiwork on our Facebook page. For more space-saving idea, check out 9 Small Living Room Ideas.

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