13 of the Coolest Girls' Room Ideas

July 5, 2017

These girls' room ideas are sure to please your daughter for years to come.



There are plenty of creative girls' room ideas out there, you just have to find the right one for your daughter. "The key to creating a unique girl's room is to stay away from trendy or catalog-looking rooms and instead create a space that speaks to the girl's individual style and [is] something she can grow up in," says Rachel Schwartz, an interior designer. Sometimes parents will want to build something for a specific age, but it's smart to think longer term, so you're not redesigning the room year after year.

Another tip? "Encouraging imagination and creativity," says Toni Roberts, who blogs about design at Design Dazzle. So if your daughter loves both dolls and underwater creatures, don't be afraid to combine them into something that suits her personality. To accomplish this, you have to work with your daughter. If you love pink but your daughter prefers orange, let her design sense lead. After all, creating her own private space is what a bedroom is all about.

Here are 13 girls' room ideas sure to make your daughter happy:

  1. Add a Touch of Whimsy
    Make a room whimsical by mixing and matching design styles, like The Handmade Home did. The eclectic array of wall hangings, stuffed animals and soft colors will delight girls as they grow.
  2. Head to the Circus
    One part circus and one part tea party, this eclectic room from Nous Decor combines blues, pinks and purples with fun accents. You can create your own version of a circus by using canopies, flags and bold colors throughout the space.
  3. Embrace Pure Sweetness
    From a big comfy bed to little touches like colorful curtains, cuddly animals and some DIY projects, this room from Crazy Wonderful brings many elements into play, but all are sweet enough for a growing girl with lots of different interests.
  4. Bring Nature Inside
    Does your little girl love the outdoors? You can bring the outside in like Jen Loves Kev did with details like decorative branches, stuffed animals and maybe even an aquarium. The fish are optional.
  5. Make the Most of Closets
    Well-designed closets don't have to be hidden. With the right design, like some of these from Dig This Design, your daughter can organize her clothes and possessions in a way that maximizes the space in the room and makes cleanliness a priority.
  6. Look Pretty in Pink
    Let's face it: Many girls like pink. But your daughter's room doesn't have to look like all the others. Making It Lovely makes it unique by mixing different shades of pink with bolder hues like orange, red, green and blue.
  7. Treat Her to Candy
    If your daughter is into pastels and all things sweet, this cotton candy-inspired room is a natural fit, says Kelly Anne Bonner, who blogs about the design on Nous Decor. It can easily be adapted to fit different color schemes or interests.
  8. Blend Designs
    A classic chandelier, vintage bed frame, colorful throw pillows and unique wall designs create the perfect combination for your special girl. This concept from Me & Mine is ideal for easily recycling old furniture with a quick makeover and modern accents.
  9. Ride the Waves
    For the adventurous, active girl, use bright colors with tie-dye accents for an original and fun themed room, like this one from Nous Decor, that will grow with your daughter.
  10. Spruce Up Bunk Beds
    Bunks beds are great for siblings and sleepovers. But getting creative with bunk beds, like Dig This Design does, can also be a lot of fun. You can make the unit look like a house, save room by storing the beds in a large walk-in closet or make a floor-to-ceiling creation to maximize space.
  11. Travel the World
    If your child loves Paris, London or any other city, add foreign vibe directly to her room. Framed photos and memorabilia are the touches in this room from Hi Sugarplum! that bring another world to your daughter's horizon.
  12. Create a Smart Work Space
    Including desks in the bedroom can be useful for homework and fun activities. You can personalize an otherwise bland work area by incorporating bulletin boards, finding a fresh covering for a desk chair or painting the unit your daughter's favorite color. Dig This Design has some great ideas.
  13. Be a Princess
    Your daughter may be a princess, and she can live like one in a room that highlights her favorite characters and magical stories. Make your little princess feel like royalty with a special canopy bed and an emphasis on fairy tale elements, as in this room from The Life of Amy J Delightful.

Want to make sure everything is spotless before you start redecorating? Hire a housekeeper to help you out!

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Judy Koutsky is the former editorial director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also executive editor of Parenting.com, AOL Parent and BabyTalk.com

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