13 of the Coolest Boys' Bedroom Ideas

July 5, 2017

These clever boys' bedroom ideas are easy to do.

You know he won't be obsessed with cars forever (or will he?), so how can you find clever boys' bedroom ideas that will remain cool for years to come? "Stay away from primary colors on anything permanent," says Patricia Davis Brown, an award-winning interior designer and creator of the blog Dig This Design. Another tip? "Brighten up a boys' room with some fun accent colors," says Jenna Pizzigati-Coppola, the owner of Pizzigati Designs, which focuses on eco-friendly interior designs.

Here are 13 cool boys' bedroom ideas that are sure to make your little man happy:

  1. Get Lofty
    This concept works for young and old alike, notes Brown. For younger kids, the loft bed can be used as a centerpiece for building forts as imaginations run wild. As boys age, you can use the lofted space as a place to put a reading area, a desk or additional storage. Down to Earth Style has a beautiful example of a loft bed.
  2. Go Nautical
    Many young boys love pirates, sailors and -- as they get older -- fishing and sailing. This room from You Are The Roots kicks the design up a notch. Add real-life accessories, such as seashells gathered on the beach during a family vacation or old fishing gear. You'll be able to tweak this decor as your little one grows to adapt to a seafaring theme.
  3. Utilize Wall Space
    Organization is key in any boy's room. Create a wall unit with shelving to display your son's toys and collectibles. This keeps things off the floor and makes a cluttered room look organized and fun. You can customize the unit with special baskets or different shelf sizes to accommodate whatever your little one collects. This industrial example from Beneath My Heart uses fake brick paneling, steel pipes and thick wood shelves.
  4. Venture to Another Planet
    Get creative with wallpaper murals, especially if your son is a fan of outer space, as in this room from Maries Manor. You can likely find ready-made murals or images to adorn a wall, or you can design one yourself. The best part is that you can change the mural as your child grows.
  5. Strike a Balance
    Eco-friendly products often come in neutrals, but that's not the case with this bedroom design that has splashes of orange and blue from Pizzigati Designs. "You can go with a bright happy yellow for their younger years and then give it a hint of a less juvenile accent color by simply swapping out your yellow rugs, bedding and artwork with something like red or bold orange," explains Pizzigati-Coppola. "All the easier for your son's personality and tastes to evolve as he grows up too."
  6. Score with Sports
    Trophies, basketballs, posters of famous athletes -- your son's imagination is the limit with a sports theme. With details like an artificial turf bulletin board as in this room from Today's Creative Blog, you'll be bringing the action to his room in a way you never thought possible.
  7. Think Big
    Take an image of something your son loves -- such as his favorite character or athlete -- and make it into a life-size part of the room in this idea from Design Mom.
  8. Build From the Ceiling
    Need to fit three kids in one room? Get creative with these space-saving hanging beds from The Bumper Crop. You'll create more room for playtime while giving them a truly one-of-a-kind bedroom.
  9. Find His Favorite Things
    Use some of your son's favorite toys as inspiration. Add bright, eye-popping colors that match his prized possession, whether it's Mickey Mouse ears or a surfboard, like More Cake Less Frosting did.
  10. Embrace Shades of Blue
    Bring in different shades of the same color to foster a cohesive design. Painting the ceiling a distinct hue, as in this room from Pizzigati Designs, is one of the latest trends making bedrooms personalized and fun.
  11. Harness Robot Power
    From robot designs on the walls to robot-themed bedding, this concept from Design Dazzle is a sure-fire hit for your little Martian.
  12. Play With Video Games
    From Pac-Man to Space Invaders, tie-in your child's favorite arcade game via accented walls and bedding with this idea from Design Dazzle. For a more permanent design, leave the walls alone and add select video game elements with posters, action figures and rugs.
  13. Plug Into High-Tech Style
    Give your son's room an industrial look with this high-tech bedroom from The Boo and the Boy. This design is all about simplicity and bright pops of color, leaving you plenty of flexibility to adapt as he grows.

For more ideas on how to best design a bedroom, check out Feng Shui Your Child's Room. If your house could use a cleaning before you start painting and moving furniture, hire a housekeeper!

Judy Koutsky is the former editorial director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also executive editor of Parenting.com, AOL Parent and BabyTalk.com. Follow her on Twitter.

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